Summer loves

Katelyn Ash , Alexandra Martin, and Jennifer Thomas all suffered through the lose of Jenn's parents in a terrible shooting when she was 16. And to make matters worst her own brother leaves her completely alone. she's now 19. working a part time job to raise money to see there favorite bands concert (One Direction). What happens when a mix up happens with their plans? Read and find out.


1. Thank you so much.

Alex's POV:

Oh my gosh, I can't believe He's back. I really like him I'm not obsessed, But I like him. I wonder whats up with Kate I'm mean when she saw him her face was bright red. Does she like him? Probably not. I don't know. "Hey Jacob." I said being polite. Kate shot me a cold glare. Okay, maybe she does like him. "Hey Alex." he said back with a smile on his face. God he's gorgeous. I can see why Kate like's him so much. His smile is perfect, I couldn't but smile back. "So where have you been all this time?" I asked trying to carry on a conversation. " Oh I've been living in Ireland. I got a degree in teaching, But I wanted to teach here." he responded leaving me, Jenn, and Kate shocked. "That's so cool, So where are you staying?" Jenn asked him concerned. "Um yeah I guess the airport messed up my order instead of 1 plane ticket she gave me 11, and I just here I'm not sure." he said back to Jenn. Oh my goodness, maybe if Jenn asks him if we can have 3 tickets to go to Ireland. "Oh really? we're actually planning to go to Ireland. And you can stay with me." Jenn said happily. "You want them?" He asked. "Really I can have them?" Jenn asked with a smile from ear to ear. "Yeah if you want."he said handing out her. "Thank you so much!" she yelled while hugging him tightly again. 

Jenn's POV:

Oh my goodness. Is he serious? If I'm dreaming nobody pinch me because I don't want to wake up. I'm finally gonna see One direction. I couldn't just stand there and not say anything, that would be rude. I ran up to him and hugged him again, and of course thanked him. After that he just helped us clean. When we were done I walked up to Kate and Alex. To hand them the tickets. "Bye guys, Text me tomorrow morning okay?" I told them. "Alright." they both said to me. "Bye Kate, bye Alex," my brother said. I swear when he said that they both blushed in a deep shade of red. Do they like my brother? Okay we need to talk about this later, I hopped in my car seat because I'm really short. I turned on the car and close my eyes. I'm exhausted I was at work for along time. I took deep breath's and opened my eyes to see Jacob staring at me. "What?" I asked him awkwardly. "Nothing." he told me. I turned on the car and turned on the radio and I heard She's not afraid by One direction. I turned it up loader. "You really like them don't you?" he asked me. "Yeah, That's the only reason why I have this job." I replied with a smile. "So, you have a job because you like one direction, what a good influence they are." He joked. I laughed a little. "No, I mean I'm gonna use the money to buy their tickets." I told him. "Oh makes much more sense." he said to me. The car ride was quiet, We arrived at my apartment. I walked him and showed him around. "Okay now down the hall is my room, across that is the bathroom and the last door is the guest room, which is now your room. If you need anything just let me know, okay?" I asked him. "Okay thank you by the way." I heard him say as I walked in my room. "Your welcome!" I yelled. I heard him laugh little. I grabbed my pj's and my towel and walked to the bathroom. I took a long bath trying to relax myself. I got out of my bath tub, and tried myself. I changed into my Elmo shirt, and my pink shorts. I brushed my long brown curly hair I put it in a messy bun. I brushed my teeth getting the smell of salad out of my mouth. I walked backed to my room, and decided to text the girls. 

Hey, I was thinking since we have the plane tickets, and the concert tickets, we could leave this Friday what do you think? text me if you can -Jenn

I pressed send and sent it to them. I got out my laptop. and logged on to twitter. And saw a tweet from Harry. "Just landed in Ireland. So tired -.-" I of course Favorited his comment. I heard my phone ring and saw a text from Alex. 

Yeah that's fine, Kate's with me she's cool wit it too. I can't wait. Night Doll- Alex and Kate. 

Night my loves- Jenn

I saw scrolled down reading tweets from celebrities, and non-celebrities. I got bored so I logged out of twitter. I logged on Netflix trying to find a film to watch I picked Bridesmaids. In the middle of the movie I started to feel sleepy so I turned off my laptop closed it and went strait to sleep. I have a big day tomorrow. 

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