Summer loves

Katelyn Ash , Alexandra Martin, and Jennifer Thomas all suffered through the lose of Jenn's parents in a terrible shooting when she was 16. And to make matters worst her own brother leaves her completely alone. she's now 19. working a part time job to raise money to see there favorite bands concert (One Direction). What happens when a mix up happens with their plans? Read and find out.


6. Meeting them.

Jenn's POV:

Oh my God. I cannot believe it's them. One direction is on our plane. I'm having a mental breakdown. I tapped Kate and Alex and rolled my eyes pointing to one direction. Kate took a long deep breath and closed her eyes. Alex's face was bright red. And I was trying so hard to stare at them. I was a little shocked. 

*20 long minutes later*

By now we have already calmed down. Now we were just trying to relax because I plane hasn't moved yet so I'm kinda bored. When I noticed Zayn, and Niall coming in our 'Direction" get it cause like "One direction" Never mind  But I saw them walking up to the seat in front of us. Kate was having a mental and physical breakdown I could tell. Alex was already asleep and I was trying to act like I didn't notice them. They sat in their seats, and turned around and said "Hey." OH MY GOD! did they really talk to me? I looked up from my iPod and saw them both staring at me and Kate. I finally built up the courage to say "Hi."

"I'm Zayn and this is Niall." He said pointing at Niall.

"I'm Jennifer. and this is Katelyn, But you can call us Jenn, and Kate" I said while smiling at them. 

"Well it's very nice to meet you both." Niall said while smiling back. 

They turned around me and Kate started messaging on our iPod's.

Oh my Lord did they talk to us- Kate

Yep I'm shocked too- Jenn

Did you see Niall smiling at you?- Kate

What! No! Did you see Zayn staring at you? -Jenn

Stop, I'm taken- Kate

Haha yeah hey get some sleep okay?- Jenn 

Okay- Kate

I put away my iPod and closed my eye's and thought about what Kate said. Did he really smile at me? or did she just say that? I don't know  After a while I went to sleep.

Authors Note:

Sorry for the short chapters I'm moving so its kinda hard. Bear with me here; I'll update 2 chapters tomorrow. Promise.



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