Summer loves

Katelyn Ash , Alexandra Martin, and Jennifer Thomas all suffered through the lose of Jenn's parents in a terrible shooting when she was 16. And to make matters worst her own brother leaves her completely alone. she's now 19. working a part time job to raise money to see there favorite bands concert (One Direction). What happens when a mix up happens with their plans? Read and find out.


10. He loves me?

Jenn's POV:

I can't believe it. Officer Hart is out of prison. Since when was he released? Why didn't the police call me? why didn't they warn me?

Just peachy. I walked up to Alex's room. Room 148. I opened the door silently. I walked in to Alex lying there not moving with a lot tubes going in her body. I sat on chair next to Kate and Niall, waiting for harry and zayn, They both walked in stunned a bit. I have some explaining to do. As soon as Harry walked in he asked me:

"Who was that guy?" 

"Officer Hart?" I asked trying to change the subject. 

"Yes, How do you know him? And why did he attempt to kill you?"

Great I have A lot of explaining to do.

"okay, He used to work with my dad. And they were good friends until my dad got a raise. So officer Hart... told my parent's to go out and celebrate. And right after my parent's were heading to the car... he..." I couldn't finish my sentence, I felt tears stream down my cheeks. I bent down trying to hold it in, 

"He what?"Niall asked,

""After I said those horrible words, I ran far from that room. Kate and Harry were right behind me. I looked to see if there's was an unlocked door. I finally found one. I walked in the room, The lights were off so I couldn't see anything. I felt someone grab me. I tried to leave, but I couldn't. I screamed as loud as I could the person grabbed something sharp and slid it down my arm. I screamed even louder. He ran out the door, I felt my self getting weaker by the second I fell to the ground, And saw Harry and Kate walk in. He looked at me with tears in his eye's. He picked me up and dragged me to a room. After that it all went black.

Kate's POV:

Ugh, great. Alex is probably in a coma. Jenn got stabbed. And I'm completely alone. I felt my phone vibrate. I took it out of my pocket and saw a new message, It's from Jacob. Holy crap Jacob! I forgot all about him. He sent me a simple 'Hey:)' I didn't know what to respond, I decided not to. It's to soon to talk to him I mean it hasn't even been a full day but look what happened, I went to go check on Alex. A nurse walked in. I quickly stood up from my chair and asked:

"Is she going to be okay?" 

"Well she took a pretty hard fall. She was in a coma earlier but she woke up when this charming young man kissed her."

My jaw dropped,

"Who exactly kissed her?"

"That blonde kid, from One direction."

I made a sigh of relief. Thank the Lord. I walked up to her and saw her half awake. 

"Hey."I whispered.

"Hey."She smiled

"You okay?"

"Yeah, How's Jenn?"

"She's in surgery."

I heard my phone ring. I looked at the caller ID. It was Jacob. Alex laughed,

"What?"I asked her.

"Your ringtone."

"It's 'How ya doin' by little mix."

"I know it's just I didn't know you liked them."

"WHAT? Of course I do."

"Sorry I didn't know. You should probably call Jacob,"

"I don't know, Should I?" 

"Yes, go call him."


I dialed is number. 'It's ringing' I mouthed Alex. 


"Hey jacob."

"Are you okay? I texted you. and called you."

"Sorry something came up."


"Nothing, just met some new people."

"oh, I'll call you tonight," 


"Love you, bye."

I hung up the phone.

"What happened"

"He said he loves me"


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