White Eskimo

Louis Tomlinson is a new journalist for the Rolling stones. Harry Styles is the lead singer to the band White Eskimo. Louis' first assignment is to go onto tour with White Eskimo and write about his experience, but Louis hates the band, specifically Harry Styles. Little did he know that the egotistical, and confident Harry Styles is just a show and he is actually shy, sweet, and broken.

Based on this AU meme:


1. The Job

September 21: Louis POV

"Louis Tomlinson?" I looked up from my desk to see my boss peaking his head out through the door.

"Yes sir?" I answered.

"My office. Now." Shit. I hope I'm not in trouble, it's only my first week.

"Yes, Mr. Roads?" I asked as I walked through the door. He gestured his hand towards the seat in front of his desk for me to sit down which I gladly complied. 

"I've got the perfect first  assignment for you. You'll be joining White Eskimo on their upcoming tour to learn first hand what life of a rockstar is like! You'll be writing about your experience." 

"Oh... Uh, thank you. I can't wait." 

"Be sure to write every single detail they will allow you to write. I want it to be a full completed and edited article by the time you come back into this office."

"Yes sir."

"Alright! You will be leaving tomorrow! 7am sharp. Go home, pack everything. I'll see you in the morning Louis. Don't let me down alright?"

"Yes sir, I won't let you down" I said as enthusiastically as I could as I shook his hand. 4 days on the job and i already have this huge opportunity that everyone would want, but me. You see, I'm not exactly fond of White Eskimo and I'm definitely not fond of Harry Styles. To be blunt, I hate him, I absolutely hate him. He is and egotistic ass, and now I have to spend the next 8 months with him.

~2 months ago~

July 21: Harry's POV

"Hello! This is Radio One with a special guest! Could you introduce yourself to the listeners?"

"I'm Harry Styles from White Eskimo, and this is our new single on Radio One." The song started to play and I took my headphones off.

"Alright Harry, when the song ends I will have a quick interview with you, alright?" I nodded. She smiled and i smiled back out of politeness. She had this seductive kind of smirk on her face. She was trying to flirt with me I could tell, but honestly I don't go for girls. 

The song was coming to a close and we both put the headphones one. The on air sign came in and the conversation continued.

"Alright! Wow, Harry, that is just a wonderful song!"

"Thank you!" I chuckled. She giggled back. Ugh. Giggling.

"You are so welcome! Anyway's, i heard that your first album recently went double platinum! How did you celebrate?"

"Um, well... I got super drunk and then I had Ed Sheeran tattoo me. Nothing too crazy." 

"Wow! That sounds so fun! Well before you go and we start the music again, is there anything you would like to say to the listeners?"

"Yeah! Catch us on tour this fall!!"

"Alright, Harry . Thank you so much for being here. Now, the next song is a very popular song, sung by Harry's very own friend, Ed Sheeran" The on air sign turned off and I took the headphones off once again. The lady came up to me to shake my hand which I gladly shook.

"Thank you so much for fitting us in your tight schedule, Harry!" She said showing off her smile again. She's too smily and happy all the time. 

"Oh yeah, sure, it's no problem." 

"Maybe you should call me sometime" She said handing me her card and winking. I look down at the card. Sandra, was her name. I politely gave it back

"No thanks. I don't really have time for relationships, or girls really." I said lying straight through my teeth. The poor girl was trying so hard too, with her really low tight skirt and revealing blouse. 

~Louis POV~ 

I was in the shower when White Eskimo's new hit single came on to the radio. In normal circumstances, i would have turned it off without hesitation if it weren't for the current situation I was in. 

When I had gotten out of the shower the song had just ended and the lady started to talk again. Just the way the guy spoke got on my nerves. You could hear his ego right through his raspy voice. Just the way he laughed infuriated me. Especially because he was flirting with the girl on live radio! The nerve he must have. Oh and the way he told her of his experience getting drunk and Ed Sheeran tattooing him so casually like it was an everyday occurrence. I rolled my eyes and turned the radio off. I didn't want to be in a bad mood at my job interview. 

~Current time~

Louis POV

"What the hell am I supposed to pack?!" I ranted to my all time best friend, Ashley. She just shrugged.

"What good help you are" I mumbled. I had called her right when I got home and told her everything. I needed help. I have no idea what one would wear to something like this. Not that I want to impress White Eskimo, but I want to wear appropriate clothing. 

"Just pack 2 weeks worth of clothes. You'll be able to wash some things eventually, and if you have to wear something dirty then so be it." She said with a mouthful of popcorn. 

"That's very attractive." 

"What, this?" She said stuffing a handful of popcorn in her mouth. i just laughed and shook my head. She chewed and swallowed quickly before saying, "Look don't stress out about it." She said as she got up from her position on the bed and walked over to the closet where I was standing. "Just bring some casual clothes. I would also bring some warm clothes for the winter, if I were you." She said as she took out a few shirts, sweaters, and coats. "Oh, and a suit just in case you go somewhere formal or something." She took out my black suit and tie, as well as a bow tie and my suspenders. "Don't want to forget your trademark suspenders either." 

She walked over and sat everything on the bed and continued looking at clothes trough my dresser. She threw quite few pairs of jeans and a couple of shorts onto the bed adding to the piles of clothing. She then walked back over to my closet and grabbed my converse, toms, vans, sneakers, slippers, and some dress shoes and sat the next to my bed. 

"Oh! Wouldn't want to forget some of the band shirts that you own" She then grabbed 4 of my band shirts and threw them on my bed. "There. Now I'm pretty sure you are capable of getting the rest. I will put your clothes into your suitcase while you get everything else." She sat back down on the bed and started to fold clothe and match outfits while I got the rest of the things that I needed. 

2 hours and a full suitcase later we finally got everything to fit. Well it didn't actually take the full 2 hours, some of the time we spent goofing around. I had everything set. I had my suitcase by the door and I had packed my Laptop, laptop charger, phone charger, a spiral, a pen and a pencil, and a small novel to read into my satchel. I was all ready to go for the morning. 

"Alright, well I should be going. I got a very special date with my textbooks tonight!" Ashley, was attending law school at the moment.

I sighed, rolling my eyes. "Cramming again?"

"Hey! It wouldn't be cramming if you hadn't of called for my help!" I threw my hands up in defense. 

"Alright, alright, alright!" I said pushing her out the door.

"Hey! Not so fast mister!" She said turning around to hug me. "Making me leave so quickly when I won't be seeing you for 8 months? How rude!" She said. I hugged her back, and we stayed like that for a while. She pulled back and kissed me on the cheek. "Alright see ya later alligator." I laughed at her childish farewell.

"Not for a while crocodile." She then turned around and left. Wow. I wasn't thinking of not being able to see her for 8 months. She's like my sister, and I've known her my whole life. The longest I have gone without seeing her was 2 weeks, and even that was hard for me.




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