White Eskimo

Louis Tomlinson is a new journalist for the Rolling stones. Harry Styles is the lead singer to the band White Eskimo. Louis' first assignment is to go onto tour with White Eskimo and write about his experience, but Louis hates the band, specifically Harry Styles. Little did he know that the egotistical, and confident Harry Styles is just a show and he is actually shy, sweet, and broken.

Based on this AU meme:


2. Meeting Harry Styles

September 22: Harry's POV

"Hello, Harry. Nice seeing you again." Said the editor and chief of Rolling Stones magazine when i walked into his office. I was supposed to be meeting with the journalist that will be accompanying my band on tour.

"Hey, Mr. Roads. Nice seeing you too. How are you this morning?" I asked with a smile.

"Oh I am wonderful, thank you very much. Oh here he is!" I turned to see who he was referring to and my breath was taken away. He was stunning. He looked to be about my age and was a little bit shorter than me. What blew me away was his eyes. Oh, his eyes were so blue I just wanted to swim in them. 

"Hey, I'm Harry Styles" I said stretching my hand out to him. The boy hesitantly put his hand in mine and gently shook it. 

"Louis. Louis Tomlinson" I smiled. His name fit him perfectly. When I was expecting him to smile back he frowned and turned to Mr. Roads.

"Well, now that you both introduced yourselves we should go down to the car that will be bringing you two to the airport." He walked out of the office and Louis followed. Did he really frown at me? The last time someone frowned at me was in High School. I shook my head gently, I didn't want to bring back memories that I have tried to forget. I soon followed the two outside towards the waiting SUV.

Louis had already gotten into the car and before I got a chance to follow him I felt a hand on my arm. "Be nice to the kid, yeah? He's new." It was Mr. Roads. I lightly smiled at him.

"Of course Mr. Roads." And with a light nod I got into the car and we drove off.

The ride to the airport was really quite. Louis never said a thing and every time we made eye contact he would frown and look away. I was startled by the sound of Ed Sheeran's Give me love. It was Louis phone.

Louis slightly blushed and answered it. 

~ Louis POV ~

The ride to the airport was long. I could feel Harry's stare on me and it was bothering me. Can't he look somewhere else? I was lost in my thoughts when my phone started playing Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran. It was Ashley's ringtone. I looked up when I picked up the phone and could see Harry's light smirk but chose to ignore it.

"Hey Ash, what's up?"

"Hey, boo bear. I'm about to leave the apartment to go take my exam. Are you at the airport yet?"

"No, I'm not. Ash, did you even go to bed last night?"

"Nope! I had lots of coffee. And Red bull and I'm pumped for this Exam!!"

I scrunched my face in disgust. "That's extremely unhealthy, Ashley."

"Stop worrying about me.." I can almost see her waving her hands to get off the subject. "Soo how's Mr. Harry Styles, hmm?"


"It was a joke. I just wanted to say a last goodbye because I will be taking a test when you are getting on the plane so this is my last see ya later."

"Alright, well good luck on your test."

"Thanks! Bye boo bear! I Love you!!!" I chuckled.

"Love you too, babe"

"Oh and Louis?"


"Try to have fun, okay? You're too uptight sometimes. And hey, maybe Harry isn't a prick like you think he is. You do only know the media side of him. Anyways I'm getting in my car so I got to go! Love you lots!! Ciao!" And with that she hung up. I smiled down at my phone as I hung up as well. The contact photo I used of her was from her 20th birthday party and I smeared birthday cake all over her face.

"Was that your girlfriend?" The smile wiped off of my face and I looked up to meet Harry's curious gaze.

"No." I said blankly. "She's just a friend."

"Oh well you talk to her like she's your girlfriend"

"I don't swing that way, if you know what I mean?" Normally I wouldn't be so blunt and wouldn't have told him so quickly that I was gay, but if I got him to shut up, it's worth it.

"Oh." He looked shocked and kind of satisfied? It was silent for a little while longer. "So.. You like Ed Sheeran?"

"I like his music, yes." I said simply.

"I happen to know him, if you ever wanted to meet him." He said smugly.

"Look I will make this clear with you. I don't really like your music, and frankly I don't like you. So I would rather end this discussion." He looked like I had punched him in the gut but I don't care. The guy deserved it after the way he treated my friend and I a while back. Something that I would rather forget.






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