I Used To Cry

Alaina thought she had a perfect life until it fell apart and crumbled she felt hurt and always cried but after years she just got stronger felt better about what happened. You wanna know what happened? Read to find out.


1. prologue

OThe tears just started five year old Alaina Fae Bluesmith let it out let her tears fall down her tan cheeks she couldn't stop she never felt so...lost that's the only word that could be used for it she heard people comforting her but she only heard her feet pounding on the ground she looked up and saw her grandmother holding her arms out to her she fell into them crying into the woman's chest "Shhh darling"the woman whispered"it'll be okay" the woman always comforted her always made her feel safe always made her feel good that night she fell asleep in her grandmothers arms the arms of the only person she had left. Authors note do you know what happened ;-) (that's supposed to be an upraised eyebrow)
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