I Used To Cry

Alaina thought she had a perfect life until it fell apart and crumbled she felt hurt and always cried but after years she just got stronger felt better about what happened. You wanna know what happened? Read to find out.


2. 13 Years Later

Its a dark day its really windy but its not scary nothing scares me anymore I stopped being scared when I was 5 I just let it start raining my brown hair turning black with rain slicking down it my grandma would be wondering where I was but she also knew that I was just walking around I didn't need to find a job I was going to college in the fall I was already starting to pack because I was moving to London,England Woohoo. People were starting to stare at me but I didn't care I didn't care what they saw when they stared at me. Then I bumped into a boy with brown curls "Hey watch i-" he stopped short when he looked up "oh I'm sorry didn't mean to bump into you" "yeah right"I mumbled and walked off but still felt his eyes on me as I walked off ugh my converse were soaking through with water I guess I'm gonna have to run I took off very fast and ran two miles before I got to my house "oh hello dear go get changed and dry that hair you'll catch your death" I hugged her "love ya grams" "love ya too" I ran upstairs to my room.and changed into something wo
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