Love You. Hate you. Miss You

Reality has never been kind to either of them.

Megan and Niall met by chance and a little bit of the Luck of the Irish.

Now almost three years later, they’re just starting their lives together.

Everything was just beginning to look like a fairytale, but everyone knows fairytales don’t exist in the real world.

You always see the falling in love part, boy meets girl, but no one ever shows what happens after that.

This time no fan girls, or crazy ex girlfriends will split them apart, they’ll split themselves apart.

Good intentions or not, one decision changes everything forever.

Will they be able to find their way back to each other or will they tear themselves apart trying?

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”


1. Hickeys and Diamond Rings

The sun shone through a crack in-between the curtains, casting a shadow on half of Niall’s face. It was almost ten o’ clock and the sun was high in the sky. Megan was lying on her side watching her boyfriend sleep. Her fingers interwove with bits and pieces of his silky dark hair. Niall’s hair had gotten increasingly darker throughout the years, and now it was almost back to his natural color. She liked it like that; it made his eyes look bluer. Then again, she would think Niall was beautiful even if he had purple hair.
Niall’s eyes fluttered open. He shifted slightly as his eyes focused in on her. He yawned still groggy from sleep. His blue eyes smiled at her.
“ morning beautiful” He grinned reaching over to touch her cheek. He leaned over to steal a kiss from her lips.
“ Morning sleepyhead” She grinned her hand reaching up to cover his, which was still on her cheek, his hand was warm against her bare skin. He chuckled looking over at his nightstand where the clock was, before sitting up in bed.
“ What time are we meeting?” He asks her rubbing his still tired eyes. He rolled out of bed and walked over to pick out a shirt from his drawer. The little bits of light reflected off the curves of his body. She never understood how he ate so much and yet he was so fit. He pulled a plain grey tshirt over his head and walked over to pull the drapes away, letting blinding light into the room.
Her still tired eyes protested at the brightness and she held a hand up to shield her eyes. She groaned. Liam had called a family meeting and they were all meeting at the apartment that she shared with Niall for brunch. Liam had told them all that he and Danielle had big news but he wouldn’t say what it was.
She glanced over propping herself up to watch her boyfriend get changed.
“ They’re coming over in half an hour, and since Liam called this meeting he’s brining food” She replied pulling her long hair up into a ponytail.
“What’s the big news anyways?” Niall asked pulling on a pair of dark sweats. He attempted to put pieces of hair in place but ended up giving up and placing a snapback over his unruly hair.
“I don’t know they said it was a surprise” She smiled “ but you know Dani and Liam, big news means they got a new puppy or something” He laughed. She smiled; his laugh was contagious. She always loved how it could light up a room. He glanced over at her looking over her once and then smiling.
“ You know as much as I like the bra and panties look, don’t you think it would create the wrong image for our family meeting?” He grinned tossing her a shirt and sweats. She caught the clothes as her mouth formed an “o”. She picked up a pillow and threw it at him. He laughed and ducked before it could hit him.
“ Niall!” she scolded with a chuckle. She shook her head pulling the t-shirt over her head and rolling out of bed so that she could pull her sweats on.
“ I’m just playing” He grinned trapping her in his arms, pulling her close and pressing his lips against hers. His kisses were soft, and slow, careful almost. She pulled him closer against her, kissing him fiercely. Niall smiled against her lips teasing her with soft feathery kisses. She jumped up to swing her legs around his waist as he caught her, holding her in his strong arms. He chuckled at her forwardness, but didn’t complain. The doorbell rang just then. Niall groaned.
“ Whoever the hell it is, it better be important!” He yelled from the bedroom. He stole another kiss from her lips before setting her down and slipping his hand in hers. They both made their way from the bedroom to the door. The apartment was large for an apartment. It had a bedroom, one guest room, three bathrooms, a lounge space, and a large kitchen.
Megan had gotten into the London school of Economics and moved in with Niall a little over a year ago. She was studying business to become a fashion merchandiser one day. She liked the school and the people, and it was only a short walking distance from the apartment, and she liked that the best.
Niall opened the door to reveal Liam, Danielle, Eleanor, and Louis. Danielle and Liam both had their arms full with bags that most likely contained food. They all said a pretty synchronized hello and then invited themselves in.
“ You guys are early” Megan groaned, “ We literally just got up”
“ Sorry thought you’d be up by now, we’re only fifteen minutes early love” Louis smiled giving her a hug as he walked through the door “you know most people get up before ten thirty” he teased
“ Hey babe” Danielle walked over to give her a hug. Her curly hair getting in Megan’s face.  “ You look cute, love the whole just got out of bed look, very in these days.” she teases setting down several large bags probably filled with food. Liam walked in with the rest of the food shutting the door behind him.
“ Not to worry Niall we brought food” Liam teases setting it all down on the kitchen counter.
“ Is that a hickey?” Danielle brushed her finger over the side of Megan’s neck. Danielle laughed motioning Eleanor over. Megan’s cheeks felt hot as she snatched Danielle’s phone from her hand so she could use it as a mirror.
“ No she obviously just ran into a pole” Eleanor teases joining Danielle in her laughing. Her cheeks got hot. She had put her hair up so her entire neck was exposed. There was a purple colored mark right on the side.
“ Niall! Every single fucking time, I swear” She groaned looking over to Niall who just grinned cheekily. Everyone laughed and glanced over at her to sneak a peak at the purple spot on her neck.
“ Well we know who got it in last night, I guess always how we know they—” Louis murmured to Liam making him laugh. Niall looked down at the food but grinned a bit proudly. Her cheeks were burning with embarrassment.
“ Louis Tomlinson!” She scolded cutting him off mid sentence. She threw the closest thing to her, a plastic spoon, at him. Liam made a funny noise at the sight of a spoon being used as a weapon.
“ Megan Young!” Louis mimicked her stepping aside as the spoon whirled past him hitting the wall “ That could have been very dangerous young lady” He scolded in a teasing manner
“ Yeah only to Liam” She responded. Danielle chuckled patting Liam on the shoulder. Liam crossed his arms defensively.
“Vas Happening boys!” Zayn burst through the door dramatically. He had a huge grin on his face. He hadn’t shaved in a while so his chin was a bit stubbly. It just made him look a bit older, a bit more mature.
“ Don’t you think that’s getting a bit old mate?” Louis teases him poking around the bags to see what Dani and Liam brought to eat.
“ It will never get too old” Zayn grinned as perrie followed him through the door. They had been on and off for the past year, but no one ever knew when they were on and when they were off. Apparently they were on right now.  “ Hey babe, nice hickey” Zayn winked greeting Megan with two kisses on either cheek.
“ Honestly people. Take a good look at it, I’m sure its not the first hickey you’ve seen in your life” Megan turned around the room showing off her hickey. Everybody just laughed. Niall passed by her while going to check out the food. He stopped momentarily to give her a kiss on the cheek and then kept going. She supposed it was a pity kiss, but he didn’t seem so sorry. She shook her head but after a while she laughed too.
“ Hey where’s Curly?” Liam asked glancing around the room
“ Wait so what’s this big news?” Megan asked looking from Liam to Danielle and back to Liam. Liam grinned glancing across the room at Danielle who just looked down and smiled.
“We’ll tell you when curly gets here” Danielle responded using Liam’s nickname for Harry. She looked back up across the room affectionately at Liam. Just then the door opened as if on cue and Harry strode in, sunglasses covering his eyes. Megan walked over to greet him.
“ Haz you’re actually on time, well kind of” she smiled as he opened his arms to her pulling her into a hug “ And yes it’s a hickey, no need to point it out, everyone in this room already has” Harry laughed, his deep laugh echoing throughout the room. His curls were unruly as always, a bit shorter than usual. He had gotten a haircut she decided and then noted to mention it later.
“ Really I didn’t even notice it ” He responded closing the door behind him. He pulled his sunglasses from his face and set them down on the table beside him.
“ How could you not notice it!” Louis exclaimed “ It’s huge I mean –”
Megan looked over at Louis and shot daggers at him with her eyes. He stopped midsentence and laughed.
“ It’s called sarcasm Mr. sass master, something you should be well versed in” Harry joked taking a seat on the couch next to Niall who greeted him with a hello. Louis shook his head in disapproval at his nickname.
“ You should no better than to call me that Harold” Louis shook his head making the straightest face possible. There Louis was, twenty four years old and still acting like a three year old.
“ Oh quit it you” Eleanor laughed smacking Louis on the shoulder. Louis smiled at Eleanor and then at Harry. He smiled and then pulled Eleanor in for a kiss. Eleanor squealed, caught off guard, but went with it. They had been together since forever. Louis just hadn’t proposed yet. He gave El a promise ring, but no diamond ring. Megan thought he had meant to soon, but Louis, he was still a child on the inside. She supposed he’d get around to it sometime soon.
“ anyways” Megan cleared her throat walking over to take a seat in between where Harry and Niall were sitting on the couch “ This big news of yours”
“ Oh right, well now that everyone’s here” Danielle grinned clapping her hands together. Liam smiled looking down at her while placing his arm around her waist. Danielle paused for a moment looking up at Liam affectionately. “ We’re getting married, Liam proposed last night!”
The room was silent for a moment and then all at once everyone started cheering and yelling and jumping and screaming.
“ Oh my gosh!” Megan yelled getting up and bolting across the room to tackle both of them in a hug. “ I can’t believe this, this is so great!” They all tumbled back a bit but Liam held them steady. Danielle laughed, her face bright with happiness.
“ Congrats!” Niall yelled joining the group. He pats Liam on the back who pulled him in for a hug.
“ Well it’s about time Liam!” Eleanor scolded with a chuckle hugging Danielle tightly
“ Hey what’s that supposed to mean?” Liam chuckled “ I was just waiting for the right time that’s all”
“ I know you were babe” Danielle smiled giving him a kiss on the cheek. Liam grinned pulling Dani closer to his side. There were congratulations all around and soon we were all in one huddle around the happy couple.
“ So the ring?” Megan asked happily. She couldn’t believe that they were finally getting married. She knew that out of all of them they would be the one to tie the knot first. Danielle grinned, you could practically see the happiness radiating off of them. It was like a bridal glow, or was that a pregnant glow, she didn’t know but it didn’t matter, whatever it was, they were extremely happy.
Danielle stuck her left hand out to show off her large diamond ring. It was a square cut that was surrounded with small diamonds. The band was plain silver gold. It was simple but gorgeous.
“ Liam I approve” Megan grinned admiring the ring she reached out to touch the ring. She moved her finger over the small diamonds. She probably shouldn’t have been dirtying the ring, but she couldn’t help herself.
“ Very nice choice” Eleanor agreed nodding her head
“ So when’s the wedding?” Niall chimed in.
“ Well the boys are going off on tour in a week and a half and won’t be back for six months, so not until then” Danielle replied. Even though it was so long away she didn’t seem to be bothered. “ I was thinking an August wedding”
“Pefect then you can have the option of an outdoor wedding if it’s warm” Eleanor grinned still eyeing Dani’s ring. Megan thought she was jealous but wouldn’t admit it. She knew Eleanor was happy just being with Lou, but she wanted a ring, and a wedding, and just to start a family with him.
They talked about the wedding the rest of the afternoon. They all drank champagne, ate lots and lots of food and talked about the plans. Megan had never seen Danielle and Liam so happy. There was a certain energy that she saw in Liam’s eyes when he talked about the wedding. He would get giddy when he said wife, which he purposely said at least ten times. Danielle looked happier than Megan had seen her in a long time. She couldn’t explain it, they both just looked so content.
As the sun got lower and lower in the sky people began to leave. Soon one by one everyone trickled out with promises of getting together at least twice more before the boys left for tour. Everyone was so busy now days. They always had Sunday dinner together at alternating houses just to make time for each other. It was one of her favorite parts of the week. Everyone was so busy all the time she barely saw anyone anymore. Even now, everyone was heading off to do something. Zayn and Perrie were going back to Bradford before Zayn left for tour. Liam and Danielle were going to have dinner with Liam’s parents to tell them the news. Louis and Eleanor were going to see a movie. It was just Niall, Harry and her left.
Harry had been even more on and off with a girl, Sarah, than Perrie and Zayn were on and off. Megan supposed she was more of a friend with benefits, but she could never really tell. She stood next to Harry now as he helped her do the dishes.
“Where was Sarah today?” She asked him. He made a confused face like he didn’t know who she was talking about, which scared her a bit, and then he nodded his head.
“ We aren’t seeing each other anymore” Harry sighed but smiled quickly. He did that a lot. Megan worried about him sometimes. He tried to hide it, but she always thought he was a bit lonely. “ You guys were right, she’s a total nutcase” He chuckled taking a dish from the pile and dunking it into the warm water.
“ It’s alright Haz you’ll find someone” She smiled reassuringly “ And it’ll all be worth the wait, I promise”
“ I know” He smiled reassuringly. He was so good at hiding his emotions. It was hard for her to get him to open up, especially recently. He’d seemed so distant these past few weeks. His mind was always on something else. She was worried he was unhappy, but whenever she brought it up, he would just dismiss it and change the subject.
“ I’m back” Niall announced walking back through the door “ I got Nandos and that coffee that you like” He said talking to Megan. She smiled thankfully chuckling a bit at her every hungry boyfriend.
“ We literally just ate” Harry protested with a smile “ How could you be hungry again?”
“There’s always room for Nandos” Niall grinned while shutting the door. At the smell of the chicken Megan’s stomached did a couple of flips and a summersault. For some reason her stomach did not agree with the chicken even though she just smelled it.
She made a break for the bathroom leaving he two boys in confusion. She leaned over and vomited into the toilet her body shaking in the process. Her body got hot while her skin got cold. She felt clammy. Her body convulsed again emptying the contents of her stomach into the toilet bowl. She felt someone come back behind her to hold her hair. Once more her body trembled with all it had and then it was done.
She sat there for a second and then flushed the toilet and got up to wash her mouth out with water and brush her teeth. She felt weak, like the ground was moving. Niall caught her as she almost collapsed against the wall. She protested and he let her go but watched her cautiously to make sure she was okay. He stood at the door waiting for her to finish. He was worried for her, but she tried not to look at him. She hated when he worried like that. When she had rinsed her mouth at least ten times she was satisfied even though she couldn’t get the bitter taste out of her mouth.
“ You alright babe?” Niall asked pulling her hand into his. He pulled her close kissing her on the forehead “ Did you feel sick earlier, you should’ve told me”
“ No, it was just then, I haven’t felt sick all day” she furrowed her eyebrows. Suddenly the tiredness of the day had hit her. It hadn’t even been a long day. She just felt tired, like she needed to take a very, very long nap. Maybe it was just something she ate that morning. “I’m fine” He looked at her for a while as if he were just making sure she wasn’t going to puke again or fall over. She led them both back to the family room where Harry was sitting on a chair by the counter.
“ You alright?” He looked up as they came back in. His eyes looked over her once just to make sure she was fine. “ You want some tea or something?”
“ No I’m alright thanks Haz” She smiled at her friend’s kindness. He smiled back while glancing down to look at his watch. She shook his hair out once and then brushed it to the side.
“ I should go, but I’ll see you guys soon” He stood up walking over to give them both a hug. She leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek before he walked over to the door. “ Feel better, call if you need anything” He smiled and then he left.
“ You sure you’re okay?” Niall asked examining her as if she was a patient. She almost laughed; he knew nothing about being a doctor or anything of the sort.
“I’m fine” she insisted looking into his deep blue eyes she had become so accustomed to“ I’m not dying, just some food poisoning or something”
“Alright, well I’m going to call my mum to tell her we have to reschedule” He kissed her nose and pulled his phone from his pocket
“Oh I completely forgot, no you should go have dinner with your mom” She insisted grabbing his wrist that held his phone. She sighed. Maura had been looking foreword to this since they had planned it last week. She buried her face in her hand.
“No I’m going to stay here and take care of you” He insisted. It was actually incredibly cute the way he insisted upon staying and caring for her, but he was leaving for tour soon and he should spend time with his mom. “ We can reschedule for Friday. My mum won’t mind”
“ But I mind, go spend time with Maura, she’s been looking foreword to this all week” She responds stubbornly. They both were just too stubborn she supposed. “ I’m fine I can go”
“ I’m not leaving you here by yourself and you’re not going, you were just puking your guts out ten seconds ago” He responded defiantly “ I’m going to stay here and take care of you” He repeats. She smiled at his stubbornness.
“You don’t have to be so dramatic” she cracked a smile. He just gave her a firm look“ Fine, tell your mom I said I’m sorry” She smiled as he took her hand and kissed the palm of it “ Thank you”
“ She’ll understand” He promises leaning in to kiss her forehead. She leaned in allowing him to support her. She rested her head on his chest breathing in his cologne “ in sickness and in health right?”
“Nialler that’s’ marriage vows” She laughed at his simple mistake. He laughed with her but his cheeks were tinted pink from embarrassment.
“oh right” He laughed. She pulled back from his chest looking into his eyes. He held her gaze and brushed his lips against hers. “ Same thing” He defended himself with a smile.
“It is not!” She argued “ They are comple—”
“I can’t hear you!” He cut her off covering his ears with his hands  “Blah Blah Blah” He walked into the other room to call his mom. What a child, she laughed. He could never stand being wrong. She laughed. She loved that about him, how he could be so mature and responsible one second and a complete child the next. But she supposed it was always those little quirky things that she liked about him.

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