Jane & The Shooting Star

Patrick & Jane have known each other forever, growing up in a town as small as there own, they grew close together from a small age. Patrick, desperately in love with his best friend, wishes upon a shooting star one night four years prior, and is still dealing with the aftermath. Under the impression that Jane could never love him back, he tries to battle with his erratic mother, failed attempts at jealousy, and the true meaning of what fate is all about.

Short story, rated Yellow for strong language.
© Copyright ‘Jane & The Shooting Star’ by GeorgiaLM 2013


8. 7

7Chapter Patrick A lesson in fate: So the mystery remains, I guess. I don’t know if Jane was my wish granted, or whether love just happens the way it did. I don’t understand a lot of things in life. I don’t get why my mother feels the need to drink away her life over a man who is too self absorbed to see what he had right before his eyes. I don’t understand why my dad can’t come home and live his life with us. And I certainly don’t understand, whether I would want him to or not. So yeah, I don’t understand a lot. I still don’t understand women, and I probably never will. But I know, that I love Jane, and I know, that maybe the wish I made when I was a thirteen year old boy, was just in vain, but I have my love, and she has me, and together, we have forever. We have a million possibilities and opportunities and a lot of that may be left to fate, or chance. But, falling in love, that was the easiest of them all, really. Because I fell in love with my best friend and I wouldn’t change that for the world.
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