Jane & The Shooting Star

Patrick & Jane have known each other forever, growing up in a town as small as there own, they grew close together from a small age. Patrick, desperately in love with his best friend, wishes upon a shooting star one night four years prior, and is still dealing with the aftermath. Under the impression that Jane could never love him back, he tries to battle with his erratic mother, failed attempts at jealousy, and the true meaning of what fate is all about.

Short story, rated Yellow for strong language.
© Copyright ‘Jane & The Shooting Star’ by GeorgiaLM 2013


7. 6

6Chapter Patrick With my head still spinning, I take Jane’s hand in my own and walk the path from the beach and towards my house. We walk slowly, savoring the moment. “I have to say, that kiss was a lot better than our thirteen year old attempt.” she remarks and I laugh, pulling her close. “We were a little under experienced.” I say, smirking slightly. Though I’d only kissed a few other girls besides Jane, our thirteen year old attempt had always seemed better than anything else. “How’s your mom?” she asks, her voice laced with concern. Jane is one of my only friends that my mom has met, and Jane has always seemed distant about her because of how she’s left me in the dark ever since she figured I could look out for myself. “She’s the same I guess. She’s not drinking as much, but she doesn’t come home all that often...” my voice trails off and I shrug. “Are you still getting weekly payments from your dad?” she asks. I nod, but the subject isn’t something I like to dwell on. I haven’t seen my dad in six years but he keeps the cash flowing steadily from his home in Barbados with his 3rd wife, Denise. “I don’t want to talk about it tonight, Jane.” I tell her and kiss the top of her head. “Your right.” she says and grips my hand in hers. “Let’s race back to my place.” she says, her eyes wide. Then she takes off, letting go of my hand. I laugh for a second then run after her. I go slower this time, but still catch up to her. We’re both laughing hysterically, and it makes me feel good, energized, alive. Because I’m not chasing her anymore, you see? I have her, and she has me, and I’m running alongside her, and in these moments of blissfulness, under the shine of the moonlight, I run with the girl I love, content with the notion, that she loves me back. *** We arrive at her house, out of breath with stitches in our sides, but we can’t seem to wipe the smiles from our faces. We stand on her front porch, the sound of a lone moth buzzing around the fluorescent light is the only noise besides out breathing. I want to kiss her again, and this time I don’t hesitate. I lean down and kiss her. The kiss is slower and less heated than our one at the beach, but it seems better. It feels loving and careful, and makes my insides flood with warmth. I hold her close to me and we kiss for what feels like hours of pure bliss. When I hear a throat clearing from not a foot away from us, I spring back so fast that I nearly fall of the porch. Once I steady myself I can see that it’s Jane’s sister Meg standing in the doorway. She looks highly amused and is trying suppress a smirk. “Well well well, looks like you two finally came to your senses.” she says. I grimace. “Did everyone know we liked each other?” I asked. Meg smiles widely at the two of us, twisting a loose strand of her brown hair. They look very similar, Jane and Meg. Though Meg’s eyes aren’t as pretty and she’s about two years older and a lot taller. “No.” she answers, and I let out a long breath. “We all knew you two loved each other.” My cheeks tinge with pink and I pull at my fringe while Meg giggles to herself. “Don’t worry Pat, I’m just messin’ with you. But,” she says, with her hand on my shoulder and a stern look on her face. “If you break her heart, I’ll kill you.” she smiles sweetly at me then leaves Jane and I alone again. We stand for a moment in silence, then burst into a fit of laughter. “Well, I’m glad everyone in this town is less oblivious than the two of us.” Jane whispers once she’s finished laughing. She moves closer towards me and wraps her arms around my middle. She looks even more beautiful up close, her eyes so wide and glinting with affection. “Thank God we finally came to our senses.” I say, then I kiss her again, because hey, why not. “I just need to tell you one more thing.” she says, once we’ve pulled away from each other. “Yeah? Whats that?” “When I ran away from you all those years ago, all I could think about was this line from an Emily Dickinson poem.” she says and I smile a bit, because it’s quite amazing when someone shares their passions with you, and I know how much Jane loves Emily Dickinson. “Yeah? What was it?” I ask. “It was, ‘If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.’” she says. I think over the poem in my head for a few moments. “It’s wonderful, really. But, the only way you’re going to stop my heart from breaking, is if you don’t run away.” I say. She smiles up at me, her big and beautiful smile that stretches her lips and shows her teeth. “I won’t, I promise.” *** “When did you fall for me?” Jane asks me a month later. We’re laid out and facing each other on my bed. I’m drawing patterns with my fingers along the sliver of skin on her hip where her shirt has been tugged up slightly. I think her question over in my head, my eyebrows scrunching together. Jane is watching me closely, her breath fanning along my face, her hands folded underneath her head. “Well, thats a difficult question, because I guess I’m still figuring it all out.” I say finally. “What’s that mean?” Jane says, shuffling a bit closer to me. “Well, I guess I’m always falling in love with you. Always. It never ends.” I kiss her forehead and pull her closer still, but she pulls away slightly, looking at me quizzically. “But... how? I mean, I’m quite annoying, I’m surprised you haven’t gotten sick of me yet.” I struggle not to laugh at her, but I do anyways because I’m a such a good boyfriend. “I guess your supreme skill of being ‘quite annoying’ is one of the things that makes me love you more.” I tell her once I’m composed. “Are you saying I’m annoying?” “Hey, don’t spin this on me, you said it first.” I defend, holding up the hand that was on her hip in innocence. “Yeah, but I’m allowed to, because I’m insulting myself.” she tells me, pinching me on the cheek. “Okay fine, how about this, I won’t insult you again, if you don’t insult yourself again.” “I’m easy to insult though” “I don’t care, shake on it.” I hold out my hand for her in the small space between our bodies. “Fine” she relents begrudgingly and, with difficulty, shakes my hand firmly. I pull her so she’s flush against me and she snuggles into the crook of my neck, breathing in the smell of my freshly cleaned shirt. “Now, when did you fall for me?” I ask her quietly after a few moments of comfortable silence. I rest my chin on her head, and feel it move when she talks. “It certainly wasn’t the day we met, I can tell you that.” she laughs. “What! Why not?” I say indignantly, pulling her back from me so I can see her better. “Because I thought you were annoying.” she says, sticking her nose up in the air as though I am below her class. “That’s mean, because now I can’t insult you back.” “What? It’s the truth.” “Ok ok fine, tell me when it was then?” I ask, because I want to know. I know she’s not like me, and she probably has a different time and a different place for when she fell for me. But, the mere idea that she has fallen for me makes shivers run up my spine, and stretch my mouth into a smile too big for my face. “Probably that time you told me all poetry was sad, I looked at you differently after that.” she says after some serious though. I smile down at her and she looks back up at me through long lashes. “I think about that day a bit too, thats the day that I figured it out that I loved you, ever since then, I’ve been on a free fall that goes on forever.” I tell her, and it’s the truth, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. “I’m sorry your free falls taking forever.” she says, burying her face in my neck again. “Baby, I never want it to end.” I whisper into her hair. She laughs and I feel her breath on her neck and her body everywhere around me. I pull her away and I kiss her. And fuck, it feels like the winds rushing from my mouth, and I fall a bit more, like I always do.
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