Jane & The Shooting Star

Patrick & Jane have known each other forever, growing up in a town as small as there own, they grew close together from a small age. Patrick, desperately in love with his best friend, wishes upon a shooting star one night four years prior, and is still dealing with the aftermath. Under the impression that Jane could never love him back, he tries to battle with his erratic mother, failed attempts at jealousy, and the true meaning of what fate is all about.

Short story, rated Yellow for strong language.
© Copyright ‘Jane & The Shooting Star’ by GeorgiaLM 2013


5. 4

4Chapter Jane: I shouldn’t be jealous of Rose. But I am. I shouldn’t want to be in her place, underneath Trick’s arm, instead of right here next to Jack. But I do. I want his breath on my face as he leans down to tell me what he’s going to wish for. I want him to tell me that he’s wishing for me. I want his lips and I want his body pressed against mine. I want the wind rushing and the waves thrashing and blood pumping through my ears as I tell him how much I want him. I want his eyes on me, sad and beautiful, so mysterious that I get lost in them every time I look at him. But he doesn’t want me, maybe he never has. He probably hasn’t thought of me like that since the day I ran away from him on this beach. “You look really pretty tonight.” Jack remarks, and I try to ignore his dark eyes darting down to my chest. I pull my jacket tighter around me. Jacks nice. He smiles at the right places and laughs when I attempt to say something funny, and he smells like summer and winter all wrapped in one. He’s gorgeous and he knows it, with his high cheek bones and strong jaw line, and I think he might want to kiss me. That would be a nice prospect, I guess, having a really good looking guy wanting to kiss you on a beach in a small dingy town like our own. But Jack isn’t Trick and I don’t want to be under Jack’s arm listening to what he’s saying, when he probably just wants to get into my pants. I want to be where Rose is, wrapped in Trick, who smells like rain before a storm and old books. Who smells like home. I want to listen to his soft voice and watch his eyes as they tell me both everything and nothing at the same time. Trick is handsome in a kind of understated way. His blond hair is always ruffled and swept across his forehead. When he’s nervous he tugs at his fringe as though he can pull it down and cover his face. His skin is smooth and he has a line of freckles that race along his jaw, and I used to like counting them when we were younger. I’ve been staring at Trick for too long and I know it. I turn and look up at Jack and he smiles his model smile and I try not to roll my eyes at him. “What are you going to wish for?” he asks me, biting his lower lip and raising an eyebrow at me. I smirk to myself, thinking about Trick again, like I always do. “I can’t tell you or it won’t come true.” I say, the breeze brushing the hair from my face. He studies me for a moment then glances down at my lips. It makes me feel slightly uncomfortable. “I know what I’ll be wishing for.” he whispers, his breath fanning across my face. I force on my best smile and try to ignore how obvious his train of thought is. “Oh? And what’s that?” I ask, going for the naive route. Half of his mouth slants upwards in a smile and his tone is smooth and perfect, as though he’s used or practiced the phrase out a million times before. “I want to find out whether your lips are as smooth as they look.” I suppress my shudder and smile again for his sake. His arm feels to heavy around me and I want to shake it off. He pulls me a bit closer so I can feel his breath in my ear. Patrick: My skin feels too small on my bones, it’s like I can barely move. I feel uncomfortable and just wrong. Rose is too close and she’s looking at my lips and biting her own. “I’ve always had a bit of a thing for you, Patty.” she whispers into my ear. “Really?” I say, moving away from her a bit. I take my arm from her shoulder but she grasps my hand firmly in her own, entwining out fingers. “Do you like me?” she asks, her lips pouting slightly. NO! I want to shout. I LOVE JANE OKAY!? NOT YOU, NEVER YOU! “Of course, Rose, you’re a lovely girl.” I tell her, pulling at my fringe and sweeping it across my forehead. Rose smiles but doesn’t seem satisfied with my answer. I know what she’s expecting, but I don’t want to give it to her. I don’t want to tell her lies while the girl that I love is being hit on by an absolute douche not 10 meters away from us. “Hey, do you know where Ally, Eliza and Erik have gone?” I ask, looking around the beach. There aren’t many people out but I can’t seem to spot the three of them amongst the other people who have come to see the shooting star. “Yeah they’re probably getting drinks or something from the shop up the beach. Did you hear about Erik and Ally?” Rose says, and I praise God for gossip and how quickly it can side track the mind of Rose Hathaway. “No.” I say, because it’s not my business and I’ve never been very good at keeping in the loop with that sort of thing. I don’t ask for Rose to elaborate but I don’t need to, she’ll tell me anyway. “Well, Ally has a bit of a crush on him and apparently they might be going on a date next weekend!” she squeaks excitedly. I feel a moment of triumph because finally I can start pissing him off about Ally so he won’t bug me with shit about Jane. “Really? I didn’t know Ally liked Erik.” I muse out loud. “Yeah, though she did like you for a bit but.. you know, Jane and all.” Rose rolls her eyes, and my thoughts stop in their tracks. “No, I don’t know. Jane and all what?” I try to keep my voice at a level octave but I think I fail miserably when Rose smirks at me slightly. “Wow, I can’t believe I never noticed it before.” she says, shaking her head slightly, her smile growing wider. “Noticed what, what are you going on about?” I ask desperately. “Okay, so Ally liked you okay. But then apparently Jane told her off and admitted to Ally that she wouldn’t like her girl best friend going out with her boy best friend. And then I got a bit of an inkling that Jane had a big old fat crush on you. So I did some digging and I was talking to Erik and he may of let slip that you had a big old crush on her too.” I curse Erik Mallory in my head a billion times over in the span of her two second pause. “Anyways, so then I wanted to test it out a bit, so I’ve been pretending to hit on you all night to see how you reacted.” she smiles to herself and I sit with my mouth slack as I try to form a coherent thought in the mess of my head. “And?” I finally spit out. “Well, in my professional opinion, it looks to me as though you’ve both been bitten by the pointy end of cupid’s arrow. I mean, you two couldn’t be more subtle if you tried. You’re trying to make each other jealous by hanging with other people, and look, good job for trying, but I’ve never seen two people so miserable, while trying to prove to another person that they are in fact, not miserable.” she laughs to herself and I try to smile, because it’s funny, truly. I’ve been an idiot, the biggest of them all. “I know, Rose, don’t worry, I’m working on being more subtle for the future.” I say, shuffling my feet. Rose whacks my arm and my head snaps up to look at her. “Hey why-” I start indignantly, holding my harm with my hand but she cuts me off. “No, you aren’t going to push this away any further you idiot. You’re going to go over there now, and you’re going to tell her how you feel, and then you will kiss and live happily ever after, and I won’t ever have to do this for anyone ever again for them to realize what’s underneath their bloody noses.” She grips my shoulders in her hands and turns me around so I’m facing the direction of Jack and Jane. Jane looks slightly uncomfortable in his presence, but he still has his arm around her. “Go!” Rose says and gives me a shove. Well, I think, it’s better late then never. Jane: Rather abruptly, Trick is standing in front of us. He looks nervous, though if you didn’t know him you could never have noticed. He pulls at his fringe a lot when he’s nervous and he’s doing it as he approaches Jack and I. “Hey.” he says, his voice quiet, though loud enough to hear over the water. “Hi.” I say, smooth Jane, real smooth. Trick looks to Jack and tries to smile but it comes across as a bit of a grimace. “Look, mate I’m sorry, but.. I.. um, look when we were younger Jane and I came down here to watch a shooting star, and tonights... kinda special to us. So do you mind if I steal her from you?” he asks, his voice coming out in a rush. “Oh uh.” Jack looks at a bit of a loss, looking between the two of us. “I uh guess so.” he says finally and my mind spirals because this is our night, together. And something is going to happen, I can feels it in the corners of my mind and the ache of my heart. I slip slowly from underneath Jack’s overbearing arm, breathing better once I’m away from it. I take Tricks hand in my own, his large one enveloping my own. He looks down at our hands linked for a moment, than back at me, and smiles, his wide and beautiful smile that is too large for his face but so perfect to behold. “Ready?” he asks, as we walk further away from Jack, our towards the ocean. I glance back to see Jack shuffling further away to where more people have arrived to crowd on the beach. “I’ve never been more ready in my life.”
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