Jane & The Shooting Star

Patrick & Jane have known each other forever, growing up in a town as small as there own, they grew close together from a small age. Patrick, desperately in love with his best friend, wishes upon a shooting star one night four years prior, and is still dealing with the aftermath. Under the impression that Jane could never love him back, he tries to battle with his erratic mother, failed attempts at jealousy, and the true meaning of what fate is all about.

Short story, rated Yellow for strong language.
© Copyright ‘Jane & The Shooting Star’ by GeorgiaLM 2013


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0Prologue Patrick “Jane!” her name is dragged from the dryness of my mouth and scattered across the sand by t he wind. The waves crash, the wind thrashes at my clothes, pulling and tugging them so they tighten around me. “Hurry, we’re gonna miss it!” my words reach her where she runs behind me, her small feet kicking up the sand as she moves, lifting and spraying as the rough tug of the wind pulls it towards the ocean. “I’m coming!” the jagged shout of her voice reaches me, and I keep running, my feet damaging the grains as they mould to my feet. In the distance, past a dune of sand are a group of people, crowded together, looking for warmth in each other. There are a lot of young couples, teenagers and new adults wrapped in their partners arms. There are little kids too, huddling at the legs or arms wrapped around the necks of parents. I slow my pace once we reach them and I can hear Jane coming up behind me, I can hear her rough breathing, I can feel it, on the back of my neck, her breath smells like peppermint. I look over to her and her green eyes are wide on her small face, her entire being has been captured by excitement and it makes me smile so wide my cheeks hurt. She returns my smile and grabs my hand and pulls me closer to the other people, but I halt my feet. “Let’s go out a bit further, closer to the water.” I’m still trying to catch my breath from all the running, but I manage to get the words out, breathing heavily. “I don’t know, we might not see it, Trick.” Jane looks apprehensive and it makes me smile knowingly. I tug her hand a bit so she’s closer to me, closer to the warmth of my body, I can feel the heat of her own and it makes my stomach twist. “The sky is massive Jane, I promise we’ll see it. And it’ll be better further out, we can make our wishes in peace, without all these people around us.” Jane still looks nervous, but with a squeeze of the hand we take a few steps away from the groups of people, small chunks of bodies awaiting what’s to come. The news reader had pronounced the approach of a small piece of space matter falling in the direction of our town Southport, North Carolina. Most likely entering the Earth’s atmosphere at midnight and making it’s descent, taking the form of what us kid’s knew as being a ‘falling star’. Jane was gripping so tightly onto my hand that I was definite she’d cut off my blood circulation, but I didn’t care. I was going to see a shooting star, I was going to close my eyes and make a wish and I was going to do all this with my hand ensnared in the hand of the girl I loved. It was cold out and the wind was lashing at all the people who’d braved the air and dark night to stand on a beach and watch a clump of the unknown fall from the sky. “What if it doesn’t happen?” Jane asked me, I could only just hear her over the crash of the waves, the rough sound climbing into my ears and filling my head. “It will, I promise.” my voice was strong and confident and I was proud of what I hoped was a very reassuring smile that I gave her. I was rewarded with a smile of her own, the beautiful type of smiles that she never gave out often, it was small and sincere, her lips curved and spreading, her eyes clear and wide and so beautiful that it made my 13 year old heart hurt in my chest. Despite the cold, we were both bare foot, our feet pressed into the soft and wet sand, ripples of water crawling along to kiss the tips of our toes. Looking up into the cloudy sky I felt a clump of trepidation form in my throat, I hoped against hope that the shooting star would cross the sky and that I would make my wish. I stood very still, I don’t really know why, maybe I thought that would contribute in some way. In a flash the shooting star raced against the night, if I had blinked I could have missed it. I made my wish, squeezing my eyes closed as the visual of the bright light falling diagonally burned into my eyelids. A breath I hadn’t known I was holding left in a whoosh. Opening my eyes I stared into green; big and wonderful green eyes. Jane was so close to me, only maybe an inch away, I could feel her body all around me, pulling me closer. Her breath was on my lips and I could almost feel them on my own. “What did you wish for?” I breathed quietly. Everything around us disappeared into nothing, the waves and the night and the sand and the huddling people on the beach and the star falling was all gone. It was just her, so close, so near that it was so difficult to breathe. “I can’t tell you.” she whispered back, her tone teasing. She didn’t move, I didn’t move, the waves crashed, the wind roared, the people on the beach shuffled away. The sand seeped through the gaps of my toes, the water lapping across my feet, then retreating again and again. There was so much around us, I could see everything and anything, but it felt like all I saw was her. The freckles across her nose, the curve of her soft jaw, the arch of eyebrows, the wisps of her brown hair escaping her pony tail. “What about you?” she asked lightly. I hesitated a moment, then I told her. “I can’t tell you, but can I show you?” She nodded her head slightly, the movement making it evident how close she really was to me, the top of her forehead brushing against mine. I moved quickly, so she wouldn’t stop me before I took my chance. I slid my hands under her jaw, held her face, my fingertips at the back of her neck and I kissed her. Pressing my lips atop her own. They we so soft, but slightly chapped from the wind, she didn’t pull away and it made my chest swell as my heart expanded. She hesitantly kissed me back, her lips meshing with my own, her hands resting round middle. I broke away for air, and when I looked back down at her face in my hands I kissed her again, barely controlling myself. When she slowly opened her mouth in a silent question my heart stuttered and I traced my tongue along her bottom lip, it was surprisingly easy to kiss to Jane, it felt so right and beautiful and I loved her so much, it was as though my mouth had a mind of its own. Her arms tightened around me and her breath mingled with my own. She smelled like peppermint, and I was drunk on it. When we pulled away our breath hung around us like ghosts. My hands were still on her face and I brushed my fingers along her cheeks, watching in astonishment when her eyelids fluttered shut. “You’re so beautiful.” I told her, I’d never said it before, but looking at her so close to me urged me to say it. “I’ll race you home.” she suddenly said, breaking away from my hands and taking off down the beach. I stared after her retreating figure for a moment, at a complete loss. I licked over my lips, testing to see if there was anything different about them now, shouldn’t it be different? I tucked my bottom lip under my teeth and started to run after her. Who knew it would become a pattern? Chasing after Jane forever, always falling.
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