Bullet Proof

Olivia Clark didn't live a normal life. An accident happened when she was 10, her older brother, Christian, was 12. Ever since the accident happened, things have never been the same. She's been bullied since the 6th grade, and the only two people to help her through the toughest times of her life were her brother and her bestfriend. One day, things turn from okay to horrible in a few minutes. Will someone be there to help her?


1. The first day.


      *BEEP BEEP BEEP* There goes my alarm. Since my brother apparently can't get himself up in the mornings, I'm the one who has to wake up early to get his butt up. Like I need to lose a few extra minutes of sleep. His bedroom was across the hall from mine, so it really wasn't that much work, but lately I haven't been getting so much sleep. And school, not really my favorite place.

    I got up out of my bed, sadly, and walked across the hallway to wake Christian up. I didn't tap him on his shoulder and say,"Wakey wakey, Christian," instead, I walk over by his bed and tickled him. Yes, the guy is still tickle-ish, and I'm the only one who knows. He moved a little bit, and then he realized someone was tickling him and he got up and tried to push my fingers away from his belly, but failed.

    "Are you up?" I asked him just to make sure.

    "Yes, yes, I'm up," then he laughed for a few seconds,"Now stop so I can get ready." 

   I got up from his bed and walked towards the door and headed to my room, going straight to my bathroom and washed my face. Then walked to my closet and picked out my outfit for school. I went to my vanity and put my hair in a little up-do and added  bracelets, put on a little mascara, and grabbed my bag. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=79083109 ( outfit ) When I walked out my room, I closed my door and headed across the hall to Christian's room to see if he was ready. He wasn't in there, so he was probably waiting on me in the living room. I headed to the living room and put on my shoes, Christian, sitting on the couch next to me watching Spongebob- he says that's all they have in the morning, but it seems like he enjoys it- , stood up and went to the door to grab his keys and followed behind him as we went to his car. I walked to the other side and opened the door and sat in the passengers seat while Christian was starting the car, and we drove off to school.

   School wasn't a good place for me. The girls at my school are total 'donkeys', especially the popular ones. Which I cannot see why guys chase after those girls anyways. They're known for sleeping around with the jocks at the school- I wouldn't be surprised if they have a disease- and yet guys still want them. Not that I want a boyfriend. Anyways, the preps, as my friend Claire and I call them- bully me. Since the 6th grade actually, the day when I threw up on my teacher during a class presentation. I still don't know why I was so nervous that day, but ever since then they'd call me the 'PukeGirl.' And that is why I hate school. In high school they told everybody about my incident, and they plan to make everyday of my school life miserable. Which now being a Junior, I learned how to fade them away. But sometimes I can't. And the only 2 people who helped me through all of this were Christian and Claire. Sometimes they can get on my nerves, but I love them to the moon and back. 

   Christian and I made it to school, parked, and walked out of the car. He locked the doors as we were walking towards the school door. Christian was a Senior and I was a Junior, even though we are two years apart. When Christian was in the 2nd grade, he had to get held back, and that's why he's a Senior at 18. We approached the doors and he opened the door for me. First block was in about 5 minutes, so I hugged Christian and walked to my class, AP Calculus, which was upstairs. Since math has always been my best subject, I was allowed to take a Senior course for my Junior year. I know, call me a nerd, but I just comprehend things really good. I walked into class, which was my favorite because since this is a Senior class for smart people, there are no Donkeys in here. Dolefully, this is my only class without them, which is why I enjoy it so much.

   I walked over to my seat and took my pencil out of my bag. My Calculus teacher, Mr. Moore, seated us two per table. Since there is an odd number in my class, 17 students, I sat alone. I got along with most of my peers, but some were too stuck up to talk to a Junior- psht, seniors. Although Mr. Moore usually takes roll-call at this time, he wasn't here. Well this is unusual. I looked behind me and tapped my pencil on Drew's desk.

  "Hey Olivia." Drew said, showing a smirk.

  "Hey Drew," I smile back," do you know where Mr. Moore is. He's usually never late like this."

  He was thinking for a second and put on his ' ahh ' face," Yeah, he told us he went to the Counselor's office to get a new student."

  "New student? Did he say anything else?" I ask too much questions, oh well.

  "No, he just told us that and left."

  "Oh, well that's strange. Anyways, thanks for telling me." I smile at him and turned around. Drew was a cutey, but not my 'type' as most people say. The class waited for about 5 minutes, then we heard voices and footsteps coming down the hallway. I wonder what the new kid looks like. He, she, tall, short. A few seconds later, Mr. Moore walks in the classroom, not fully, just standing under the door frame.

  "Hello class, some of you are aware that we have a newcomer this morning. His name is Cameron Vega, and he just moved here 3 days ago."

  Cameron walked into the classroom, smiled, and said told us hi. Mr. Moore told him to stand in the front of the room while he arranges his new seat.

  "Cameron, your new desk will be next to Olivia Clark, Olivia please raise your hand."

  I raise my hand awkwardly and threw a little smile. Cameron smiled back, and walked towards me.That chair has been empty since the beginning of  the year, so I'm not going to be used to someone sitting next to me. He walked around me, and sat down on the chair besides me.

  "Hey.. Cameron. Is that right?" 

  "Yes, the name's Cameron. Hey... uhm..."  I interrupted him.

  "Olivia. Olivia Clark."

  "Hey..Olivia. You have a pretty name." He quietly said. Wow, nobody really gave me compliments except Christian and Claire.

I blushed a little bit, "Thank you."

  "You're welcome" He smirked and was about to say something but was interrupted by Mr. Moore.

  "Today, we will be learning about the area between two curves." I took out my notebook and grabbed a pencil and started writing the notes, Cameron following me. Today is going to be an interesting day. 





***** Sorry this chapter is short. But the next chapter will defiantly be longer, and the story will make more sense as I write more. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter, but this is only the intro to the main characters basically so it might be boring, but trust me, it's going to become better. Thanks for reading! 

~Bri Marie (:






















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