Like Father Like Daughter

This is the story of Astrid, a brown haired brown eyes teen who has a secret skill for football.
Astrid has lived in DC all her life with her adoptive dad who works as a federal agent. But when he's killed in the line of duty, she's sent to her biological father, Iker Casillas. But what if he doesn't want her?


1. The Beginning of Our Journey

I sat on the fold up chair with the tears long dried on my cheeks. I just stared down at my tiny hands as an officer handed me a folded American flag. 

I watched as the soldiers shot fires into the stale cold air, until one of them shouted an order "Cease fire!" They followed the command and clicked their heels together, and they stood as tall and still as statues. Their navy colored uniforms were as dark as night, their hats as white as the snow in Winter. Small tiny cherry blossoms flittered down onto their hats, which would've made me laugh if the situation was different.

As friends and family made their way back to their cars, I stayed on the hard ground making sure they lowered the casket in properly

Then a man in a suit and tie walked up to me. Suits weren't uncommon, but he also wore a American flag pin and cufflinks. Paper pusher

"Sorry about your loss"

"Who are you?" I asked

He turned to look at me surprised and I looked at him. He had brown hair with the greenest eyes I've ever seen, a hint of freckles scattered across the middle of his face "I'm Agent Callaher, I worked with your dad"

"Adoptive dad" I corrected

"So you did know?"

"Obviously" I remarked, then a chuckled at a memory "He used to call me a little Sherlock when I was younger" I then turned to Agent Callaher "I'm assuming it's business you wanna talk about?"

He handed me a manilla folder "You're being transferred"

"Please let it be Barcelona" I crossed my fingers and closed my eyes tightly

"Madrid" He replied a bit amused. I huffed taking the folder and opened it to find a picture of Iker Casillas

"What's this?" It was all of his personal information, it felt a bit creepy

"While your," he cleared his throat "adoptive dad and I were on a case in Madrid, he was digging in files for your biological parents" It only showed a file of Casillas

I looked up at him confused "And what of my" My throat suddenly turned dry, making my voice crack "m-my mom?"

"She's dead" He answered "I'm sorry"

"It's okay" I took a deep breath "So, Iker Casillas, THE Iker Casillas, is my dad?"

Agent Callagher looked at me surprised "So you do know him?"

I gave a small smile "I'm really into what's going on in Europe, especially Spain"

He smiled and said "Well, it seems like it. We ran your DNA and it was a match with a woman named Jenna Gonzales, and we ran a background,"

"And she had previous relations with him?"

"She only had relations with him. Turns out after she found out, they broke up. She never hooked up again, and had died in a terrorist attack"

I set my hand over my mouth and he gave me an odd look "Too much"

"Yeah" My voice cracked again "J-Just give me a moment" I paused for a moment then took another deep breath "Okay"

"You sure?"

I nodded my head and asked "So this was a serious case?"

"Only me and Bernie knew about this case" He answered "He did contact him, but I don't know what was said. Bernie did that on his own" 

I nodded my head and asked "Did you ever meet him?"

"No, the agency would only allow one agent to interview him" Then he pulled out a tape recorder "But, he did have this with him"

I chuckled "Clever man" Agent Callagher handed it to me. I was about to press the play button, but something compelled me to stop

I made it jump in my hand a bit, then looked up at him, squinting against the bright cold sun "I'll save this for later. Thanks Agent Callagher"

"Anything you need, just call" He handed me a card and I set it in the folder along with the recorder. I set the folder under my arm and set my hand out, him shaking it

"Bernie said you were mature, just make sure to have some fun while your in Spain okay?" I nodded my head and he asked "Need a ride back home"

"Yeah" I replied following him towards a black car with tinted windows. Of course he drove me to the little apartment complex where I lived. When I got inside I ran up to my room, changed into a Jack Wills sweatshirt, grey skinny jeans and blue high top converse. I set my straightened hair up in a ponytail and walked back downstairs to see Agent Callagher's car was gone

"Hello?" I called out, wondering if he had just parked his car in the Parking Center. 

As I looked around for him, I saw a plane ticket, set for next Wednesday, a one way ticket to Madrid, Spain. I sighed, then walked towards the fridge, placing it there so I wouldn't forget

"Well, better get packing"

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