I think i love her... but maybe not?

harry and alyssa were best friends before harry left for x factor, but now he's back and he loves her just as much... but in a different way. Alyssa is ready to get back on board with the whole thing, but harry keeps changing his mind! it doesnt help when a new girl comes in; someone prettier and funnier too. what has alyssa got to do to convince harry that he still loves her and no one else?


1. the phone call

Alyssa's POV


Hi there my name is alyssa! I have long brown hair and blue eyes!

And guess what?

Lots of people dont actually belive me, but I know Harry styles!

Or, at least I used to....




"You promise we're going to be friends forever?" I ask and Harry nods his curl-covered head. 

"Absolutely." He kisses my cheek. "I will never forget about you Alyssa."

"I love you."

"i lvoe you too."

that was the last time we've ever spoken.

since he's become famous, he no longer has any time at all for me....

he hasn't called once





you see?

we used to know each other, but no he's dating taylor swift and everything is wrong.


Oops that's my phone!

I get up and i race to answer my buzzing white iphone. i have a picture of a taco on the case because I am just so random!!


"Hello?" I say

"Hello." the voice says

"Who is this?" I ask narrowing my eyelids.

"CRap, i knew she wouldnt remember me." the man hisses to someone. "uh, it's me. harry."

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