I think i love her... but maybe not?

harry and alyssa were best friends before harry left for x factor, but now he's back and he loves her just as much... but in a different way. Alyssa is ready to get back on board with the whole thing, but harry keeps changing his mind! it doesnt help when a new girl comes in; someone prettier and funnier too. what has alyssa got to do to convince harry that he still loves her and no one else?


2. alyssa



"But louis i dont even remember anything about this girl." I whine. that is a lie. I remember absolutely everything about Alyssa, and i can't stop think about it.


"come on, talking to her will definitely make you feel better!" Louis says. I laugh

"Louis, I haven't talked to her in YEARS!" I say. He rolls his pretty blue eyes.

"Come oooooooooooon." He screeches. "Just DOO EEET."

"OKay fine." I pick up the phone and dial her number. I still know it by heart.

She picks up after two rings.

"Hello?" her voice is beautiful and tired. So cute.

"Hello." I stutter.

"Crap she doesn't remember me." I hiss to louis. he just waves his hands like a crazy person.

"Its me harry." I say

the line is silent

and then


"SHE HUNG UP ON ME!" I scream. louis immediately calms me down.

"no she didn't its probably just a bad connection." he soothes. i am in hysterics.

"She hates me!"

That's when the phone rings again.

"Sorry I hung up on you." she says as soon as I answer "my phone is bad."

"you still have the same crappy iphone?" I ask and she nods.

"yep. anyways."

I smile. "Uhhhhhhhh imissedyou."

She laughs

"you still do that cute thing where you talk fast when youre nervous?"

"Yup." i reply blushing down to my feet. 

"well dont be worried." she giggles adorably. "cause i missed you too"

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