Never thought this would happen

Kellie and Sandra move to London to get away from their past. They never thought they would meet their idols, One Direction. What happens when Sandra falls for Niall and Kellie falls for Liam? Will they be able to stay with the boys through fights, and tours? Who knows...


3. The New Neighbors

   (Kellie P.O.V)

     Sandra ended up sleeping in my room after she talked with Niall to make sure I was okay. Except when I woke up she left her mess but there was a sweet smell coming from the kitchen. As I followed the smell Sophie said "The new neighbors are here!" as she jumped with excitement. Sandra was baking brownies "Sandra why are you baking brownies?" I said as I was looking for something to eat for breakfast. "Because we have new neighbors and since I want to know who they are this gives me a reason. All I have to say is welcome to the neighborhood and if there's a hot guy then I have a bonus ." she said with a smirk "Haha yeah right like One Direction is going to be our new neighbors." I said jokingly "You don't know Kellie maybe, but hurry up and get dressed because I want to go as soon as I can." Sandra said a little rushed. As we got to the door Sandra was telling me how under dressed we looked I would agree with her I had red toms, purple jeans, and a One Direction shirt because its a very comfortable outfit and Sandra and I didn't go shopping yet. Sandra was sorta opposite of me she had purple Vans, regular jeans, and she had an Ed Sheeran shirt. when I rang the door bell Sandra was crossing her fingers and said "Please be a hot guy please be a hot guy." and to my surprise there was a hot guy a very hot guy. This man was the 2nd hottest guy in my books well in Sandra's books he would be the 1st hottest guy no one other than the famous Niall Horan. "Sandra and Kellie what are you guys doing here? It's so great to see you guys again. Hey guys look who's here." I'm glad he was happy to see us. Just as the rest of the band approched us Niall whispered some thing in Sandra's ear I couldn't wait till she told me what he told her. Her and Niall looked great together he liked her back I could tell I could see it now Nandra that will be their ship name. "Kellie, Sandra meet the rest of One Direction" Niall said, Sandra shook all their hands and said it's nice to meet you. I on the other hand, hugged them all and tried to not fangirl to hard. Then Harry said "So this is the Sandra and Kellie that Niall and Liam can't stop talking about." we blushed then Sandra said "Really?" "Yup and sorry Niall kept you up all night he had no one else to talk to." Liam said. "I didn't mind and I couldn't sleep anyway." Sandra's reply made Niall blush. After that we all went to the table and got to know each other it seemed like they liked us hopefully they did. Then Niall said "Do you ladies want a tour?" "Sure" we said in harmony. Everybodies room was in a unique fashion. When we got to Liam's room I stayed with him so we could have a conversation alone.  

  (Sandra's P.O.V)

     When Niall and I got to his room Kellie ran after us when Niall said that his bed was big enough for two people when he said that Kellie nudged me. Then she said to me "Don't get excited Sandra it's small." I playfully punched her and said "Kellie that's not nice." Niall turned around and asked' Whats not nice?" " Nothing!" We said in harmony,again. "Ok?" Niall was clearly confused. Kellie came and whispered in my ear,"  At least i can be excited because its big!" She made an evil grin then ran back to Liam's room and I could hear her say, "Sorry i took so long!" A few hours later we went back home.The boys became our best friends right away. I got upset with Kellie about what she said about Niall and we ended up having a fight over something stupid. I know i did start the fight but i mean c'mon! What if Niall heard her and thinks we're stalkers or something! After she said she wasn't talking to me I went in to my room and i cried for 20 minutes. I dried my tears and after what seemed like forever i got up and tried to go into Kellie's room, but her door was locked and her lights were off. I assumed she was asleep but when shes mad, there is no possible way to keep her locked up somewhere. I went back into my room and fell asleep.When i woke up Kellie still wasnt home and i started to get worried.

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