Never thought this would happen

Kellie and Sandra move to London to get away from their past. They never thought they would meet their idols, One Direction. What happens when Sandra falls for Niall and Kellie falls for Liam? Will they be able to stay with the boys through fights, and tours? Who knows...


2. Pasts

Kellie's P.O.V

I woke up screaming,thinking about the nightmare I had just awakened from. Basically, it was a memory of the horrible past I had. I tried to go back to sleep but I just couldn't. I thought I heard Sandra moving around in her room but I looked at the time and realized there is no way she is awake if it's 3:00 in the morning. I tried sleeping once more and instead found myself back in my nightmares.


My boyfriend Jack and I were at a party at the football captains house. I was drunk and he looked so irrisistable. I wasn't thinking straight and so we went in to a guest bedroom and we did it... When I found out I was pregnant, I told my parents. They rejected me and told me they never loved me anyway.They had always been drunk and abusing me anyway. Once they even left me outside in the freezing snow with only my bra and underwear on.Luckily for me, Sandra came by and took me to her house for the night. When my parents were hungover, I had to take care of them, but when they were sober, they were amazing parents. I ran to Sandra's house and told her what happened. She comforted me, invited me to stay with her, and told me to tell Jack.  She drove me to his house and I went up to the door as she stayed in the car. He invited me in and I told him the news. Then he slapped me and continued to abuse me for months. I never told anyone. I used make-up to cover the bruises but sometimes, I couldn't even get up to go to school. Sandra wouldn't go either because she didn't want anything to happen to me. Sometimes if I went home from school, he would come when he knew she wasn't there and he would beat me and call me a "slut" and a "whore". The words never phased me but the beatings just got worse every time.I went out for a walk on day and got pulled into an alley and of course, I got raped. I went to the hospital to have a check up on the baby and found out it was a miscarriage. I told Jack and he smiled and said that the beatings can get even worse now that he didn't have to worry about hurting something he loved more than me. I got afraid but stood my ground. No matter how bad he hurt me I would never tell anyone. I finally decided enough was enough and I slapped him as hard as I could and kicked him in the area. That made everything worse. It finally became my birthday and I told Sandra that we had to pack up and move to London quickly and not to ask questions or tell anyone besides her parents. We left as soon as we bought our house. I told her about everything that had been happening that year and we both began to cry. I took off the make-up covering the bruises and she gasped. I had gotten used to seeing myself like this. I put the make-up back on and we dried our tears and got on the plane. She now knew the reason I wanted to leave so badly. Here in London, we can start over and forget about everything.

End of flashback


 (Sandra's P.O.V)

   I couldn't sleep at all but nothing interested me until I heard Kellie scream. I rushed over to her room. I could tell she was having her nightmares again. They finally went away but soon they were back, those bastards. I would feel bad about people their relationships, but Kellie's story made all of the other ones look like nothing. Probably because she is my best friend but mostly because her story was way worse then mine. She says she's fine some days but I know she isn't. She was the biggest reason I agreed to move here. I did want to move here,  my life was in Illinois, but I knew I would miss her too much and I knew she would miss me too, plus time zones wouldn't work. I do miss my family but Kellie was more fun. I knew I had to comfort Kellie I think she would per fur me over Sophie. "Kellie what's wrong?" I said acting like I didn't know. "They're back they're back!!!" she cried on my shoulder. I wished she told me sooner I really care for her and her being with Jack wasn't a good thing. "I know I know but's it's going to be okay. We're an ocean away we're okay." I said trying to sound as calming as I can. "Sandra I want Liam." she said I smiled and said "You always want Liam." "Could you blame me? Also you're going to tell me that you don't always want Niall Sandra?" she questioned me "Hey I think the question is who wouldn't think of Niall all the time." I said with a smirk "Ummm Sandra I think your phone is ringing" Kellie said pointing at my phone with that I heard "You're so pretty when you cry, when you cry" haha I love my ring tone "Look at this Kellie it's Niall." I said showing her my phone "No way!" she said with her mouth open. "Yup" I said going into my room "Hello" I answered "Sandra is everything okay!" I heard the sexy Irish man say with concern "Ummmm yes?" "Oh, well you called me at three in the morning." "I did?" "Yeah and you left me a message too" Oh no he's going to find out that I think about him all the time. Well there goes my hope about being Niall's girlfriend. He's going to think I'm creepy oh well at least I could be his friend. "Well you could go back to sleep sorry I scared you." I said "Actually I don't mind staying up and talking to you more." "Thank God because I couldn't fall asleep." We ended up talking forever he was so easy to talk to. There was something about him that mad me trust him. "So what brought you to London?" he asked me "Well me and Kellie had pasts that we really wanted to get away from, and what better place then London?" "If it's not a problem what's your past?" "Well it all started with my first boyfriend named Jason. Since I was a hopeless romantic and he was the first guy that asked me out I said yes. Things were great at first he was sweet to me and we had a good time together. Then on one romantic night he wanted to go the full mile with me. I didn't want to be girl that was six teen and pregnant. So when I said we should wait he wanted nothing to do with and anger took over him. Then the next day at school I was the new school slut even though me and Jason did nothing he told everybody that I wanted him and he told all his friends that we did it. Except I did learn something I learned who my real friends were and I shouldn't be fooled by how nice a guy is they could actually be nice or they could be the worst thing that has ever happened to you." "Wow so you don't want a boyfriend ever again?" "No I'm not looking but if a guy wants to be with me he can but if he just wants to use me he's wasting his time." I said with a yawn "I will add that to my notes. Anyway I should let you go I could tell you're tired goodnight Sandra and tell Kellie I said goodnight to her too." Niall said "Goodnight" I said with a smile.

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