Fall From Grace

When 18 year old Grace falls victim to a group of bullies she resorts to all the wrong things to help her get through, thats until a mysterious boy shows up and turns her life upside down.
Watch her Fall From Grace, will she be picked up again by this guy? Or dropped back to earth.
Read on to find out.


3. Tripping

I awoke late the next morning and rolled over in my bed, the digital clock read just after twelve o clock. Which is extremely late for me! I stumbled down to breakfast and helped myself to a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice. A note from my mum was taped to the fridge: "Gone to my friend Brenda's house for the night, have fun and no parties! I'll be back tomorrow morning xx Mum" It was perfect, i could take the first syringe of drugs tonight without anyone knowing. 

I settled myself down in front of a roaring fire listening to mellow music. My hand shook as i melted the white powder over the fire with the silver spoon, once melted i sucked all the liquid into the needle and tapped it lightly. I pushed my sleeve up and wrapped the tornique tightly around my upper arm. I waited for a vein to pop up and when it did i pushed the needle into it, i winced at the sharp pain but relaxed as the drug flowed through my body and into my blood stream. I felt happy for the first time in what felt like forever. 

I drifted in and out of conciousness over the next hour or two watching as swirling colours came and went over my head. I felt amazing and never wanted it to end. But of course all good things must come to an end and soon i was in a foul mood after coming down from my high. I wanted to take more but knew that it would kill me to do so, so i packed up my things and went to bed. 

I awoke during the night to a heavy pounding on the door 

"I know your in there you son of a bitch" shouted a familiar voice "Open this fucking door!"

"Alright alright calm the fuck down Bobby" I screamed, bobby was one of the bullies. 

"Did you take the drugs?" he said, spit flying from his mouth and hitting me in the face

"Yeah just one needle, why? Do you want some?" i said, innocently

"Those were mine. And Cindy said you came and robbed them from her you dirty hoe bag" he shouted into my face

"No, i met Cindy in a car park and she gave them to me, Bobby whats going on?" i said

"I have drug lords after me now, looking for their good herion!!" he screamed "Your a lying son of a bitch"

I had no more time to say anything else because Bobby thumped me over the head with a vase that was standing at the edge of the door, i blacked out and fell to the ground. The last thing i saw was Bobby's foot flying into my eye socket after that i was still on the ground. Heart beating slower and slower every minute.

My brain was still working because as my body was lying lifelessly on the ground my mind was whirring with the events that had just happened. I had just been beaten to within an inch of my life and life could not get any worse at the moment. I was at an all time low and needed help. I had given in to the bullies just like they wanted to. I was stuck in this dark mingy hole with no way out.

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