Fall From Grace

When 18 year old Grace falls victim to a group of bullies she resorts to all the wrong things to help her get through, thats until a mysterious boy shows up and turns her life upside down.
Watch her Fall From Grace, will she be picked up again by this guy? Or dropped back to earth.
Read on to find out.


4. Boy Next Door

My eyes felt like they were fused shut, after many attempts to open them i finally did and i was greeted with searing bright lights. I focused my eyes slowly and realised i was lying in a bed staring at a white washed ceiling. There was babbling of excited voices.

"She's awake, hush, don't get too close" said a familiar caring voice. My mum. All i wanted her to do was tell me it was okay and that everything was back to before. But i knew it wasn't. All the memories of my messed up life came flooding back to me like a great big tsunami wave. Before i could stop myself i began to cry. My mum rubbed my arm and began to explain what had happened.

Apparently the boy who lived next door who i distinctly remember as being called Liam, had heard loud banging and shouting from the house - overheard my little shouting match with Bobby then - he then saw a man come flying from the house and screeching down the driveway in my mums Porshe. Liam ran to the house and opened the unlocked door and saw me lying there unconsious on the ground, probably with a needle shoved in the crook of my elbow. He put me into the recovery position and called an ambulance, if Liam hadn't found me i would have died of an overdose. I realised then that i had take more then one hit of drugs, one needle contained enough for an addict for a week. Jesus. 

I awoke the next morning to a feeling of a presence looking at me, thinking it was just my mum i turned around smiling to show i was okay, but locked eyes on the most beautiful man i had ever seen. Lounging quietly in the chair next to me was Liam. His soft dirty blonde hair was swept effortlessly into a small quiff and his brown eyes gazed back into my own blue ones. He was wearing a tight black t shirt that clung to his muscles and showed off his arrow tattoo on his arm, his blue jeans were slung low on his hips as he stood up and exposed the rim of his white boxers. Then i realised that i had been sitting there staring at him. With my mouth open.

"Oh hi there!" i said laughing at my own stupidity

"Hey there" he said, a glint in his eye and a cheeky smile playing around the corners of his mouth

"Thanks for saving my life i guess" i said cheerily, glad i was still alive to see his beautiful face

"Your welcome, i had better go and get some rest, give me a call when you get out, i would love to meet you sometime" he said before getting up to leave, i was sad he had to go but then it hit me - He had stayed here all night with me. He was amazing. 

Later that day i was discharged from the hospital following further vigorous checks and pokes and prods from the doctors, other then that i had the all clear and i had one thing on my mind: Liam , my boy next door. 

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