Fall From Grace

When 18 year old Grace falls victim to a group of bullies she resorts to all the wrong things to help her get through, thats until a mysterious boy shows up and turns her life upside down.
Watch her Fall From Grace, will she be picked up again by this guy? Or dropped back to earth.
Read on to find out.


2. A Way Out

I ran the blade of the knife over the smooth skin of my wrist. Fresh blood sprung up from the newly opened wound as i sliced away my anger. The pain felt oddly soothing. It was weird i know but it was my way of dealing with all the pain on the inside. I slashed at my wrist a couple more times before wincing to the extreme pain i felt. I had gone to far this time. 

"Shit" i murmured, for fear of waking anyone in the house. It was 3AM on a Friday night and i was up splashing cold water on the cuts on my right wrist. I looked down at my left arm which was still healing from last week, up and down both my arms were little scars, overlapping each other as they carved a path on my skin. I traced over the pink scars wondering how on earth i could do this to myself.

I took a fresh piece of white cotton bandage from the medicine cabinet over the sink and wrapped it tightly around my wrist securing it with a knot. I jumped at the sound of my phone buzzing from my bedroom, a text. I knew it would probably be another death threat or a text saying they were "gonna get me" but nothing could prepare me for the text i got: "Meet me outside the supermarket in ten minutes, i know your down, you need something to help you get UP again ;) x" 

I was confused, this mystery person was offering me drugs, a release from the everyday pain i felt. I felt overjoyed but scared at the same time. I had never used drugs as an escape route before but it beats slashing my own wrists every couple of days! 

I tiptoed out of the front door of the house and clambered into my little beatle that was parked in the parking spot next to my mums big black jeep. It had been a birthday present from mom and dad on my 17th birthday, back when times were happier. 

I drove to the supermarket and stepped out of my car. The moon bathed me in a soft white glow as i peered around looking for the drug dealer, thats why i did not expect a tiny blonde girl who was smaller then me to sidle up beside me.

"Here you go, i thought you looked like you needed these. First bag is free after that you either start dealing or paying." she whispered, and that was it she was gone, leaving my with a small grey box. I popped it open and gasped when i looked inside. 

Three long needles, some powder and a tournique looked back at me. I was terrified and nearly dumped them in the nearest bush, but then all the troubles came swimming back into my mind and i decided i would give it a go, surely i wouldn't become addicted after one hit ? 

I drove home slowly that night, glancing every so often at the little grey box i had left on the seat beside me. I got home and silently entered the house, i got back into my night dress and stowed the drugs safely away with where i keep the blade i use to cut my wrists. I checked my bandage and saw that the blood had soaked through.

"Dang" i cursed and tugged it from my wrists, the cuts i had made were a lot deeper then usual, anger build up. 

I sat on my bed and propped myself up on my pillows, i decided i would use the first needle tomorrow when there was nobody in the house. I could have a great trip. 

I lay down relaxed at the thought of letting go of all my problems for a little while, not knowing what i was getting myself into. 

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