My Valentine

Selena hates Valentines day , she has had nothing but bad experiences , but when she meets Harry Styles things start to change...
*First Fan Fic ! Ahh! Excited!* X


2. The morning after the night before

Seleana woke with a frown. She picked up her phone and deleted Justin from her phone. This was the 10th boy she has deleted in 2 months. "Time to get up and face the day " That is what Selena woke up saying everyday as her dad , Kert, had taught her to. 

Kert , her father , was in the Army. He still is . One day when he was fighting against Afganastan , he fellover and broke his , right arm , left leg and one rib. So he is staying in a soldier hostel 'til he is well enough to fight. Authors Note : All Respect To Soldiers , Moment Of Silece. 

Selena braided her mass of mousy brown curls or at least tried to. That what her mum ALWAYS used to do until Selena decided to curl jer hair everyday and it decieded to stay like a mass of mops. Selena's mum , Tammy, went to live with Selenas dad , in the hostel.Last year.  So Selena is now living with her  Uncle Jim and Auntie Winnie. Seleana has 4 siblings: 





Kathy was 12 coming on 13 . 

Tomas was 14 not going on 15 as he dont wanna grow up

Dean + Malyia were both twins who where 3-4 

And Selena is16.

So Yeah. err? 


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