My Valentine

Selena hates Valentines day , she has had nothing but bad experiences , but when she meets Harry Styles things start to change...
*First Fan Fic ! Ahh! Excited!* X


1. Feb 14th 2013

"Get Out!" 

"I'm going!" 

It was another bad Valentines for Selana Smith. Her boyfriend Justin Kleiner just Pushed her againsed the wall and stuck his tongoue down er throught while taking of her clothes ! Well Because Selana is only 17 she is a virgin as well btw , she dont wanna be a momma . Selana kicked Justin of her and dragged him by his flippy floppy hair , Justin then hit her and Selana right now has a big hand mark on her cheek. 

Later on , Selana brushed her curly , mediam legnth hair , tied it up in a pony tail . She jumped into bed to go to sleep on another crappy Valentine for her.

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