~Stranded Life~

Alexandra Dawson lived in a pretty big town, well it was New York. Even though it was the most popular state she saw it in a different way better way. Outcasted from everyone else, and her untimingly drunken unsupportive mother, Alexandra basically lives alone and is the "lame" girl in this town. Dealing habbits of her own she is confronted by a older guy who sees the "brighter side" of her. But is he able to win her in time?


2. Pain pills won't cure two weeks of screaming and newspapers

l woke up with complete memory of what happened last night. It took a while for my lazy self to get out of bed, mainly because i had a pounding headache. Once l did l tried calling for my mom because i needed my pain pills to stop this hurting. "mom!" i screamed thinking she couldn't hear me. Assuming she's knocked out cold from her "drink" she said she was gonna get, l decided to get them for myself. l opened her door and saw the guy who was in my house last night. Also my mom was gone, why would she leave him here? "Ever heard of stranger danger" i said grabbing my pills. I was a little scared of the guy, he seemed huge and could take me down any second. I decided to call my mom for assurance, there was no answer. Walking out quietly l didn't want to disturb the man, and ran to my room. I sat on the bed and looked at my phone and saw a message. "Your going to school even if i'm not here" the text from mom said. "Holy shit!" l shouted not realising the time or day. I took a quick shower and put on me rites of sring t-shirt and my black skinny jeans with my converse. Brushing my hair down l was now ready for a hell of a day at school( i mean that literally).


l arrived to school and didn't talk to anyone, l just went to my locker and didn't say a word. Not to my surprise there was writing on my locker that said things like. "how many freaks does it take to get to hell.........well you can just give them a one-way ticket". I never let those dicks get to me, so i caried on with my day. After lunch i went to the bathroom and took my pills out for my headache, and little miss jocilyn just had to be in there. "Alexandra l know you want to kill yourself but do you have to do it in the bathroom" she laughed taking the pills out my hand. I lunged foward trying to get them back when she knocked me on the ground and poured the pills down the sink. "You bitch those were for my headaches!" i screamed pushing her out the way. She was hesatint when she said, "looks like little miss no-shine is going to have to get more pills" she laughed walking out the bathroom. Luckily only half of the pills went down the drain, but l only took the ones that weren't wet so i won't be having a stroke. l got through the rest of the day and started walking home. To me this was the worst part of my day, only because guys would always try to give me ride to god know where. Ever since what happened with my dad i never let a guy or man touch me let alone come near me. lgnoring all the dirty comments i got from homless guys i made my way home. Thank god the guy left and didn't steal anything. I tossed my stuff on the couch and turned on the tv. It started raining hard and soon the tv stopped working. l was completely bored so i decided to take a nap, almost asleep i start hearing the door bell ring frantically. Thinking it's mom l rushed to the door and opened it, it wasn't my mother, it was a guy in a grey hoodie and he was soaking wet. I admidietly became cautious "uh...hi" the guy said noticing im not a adult. l didnt say a word. "um my bike broke down so i have to deliver these paper by hand" he said handing the papers to me. l could barely see his face through his hoodie and the rain. Lost in thought i forgot he still was handing me the papers l quickly took the papers and closed the door. l heard the guys foot steps walk off the doorsteps. l looked at the mail and saw it was all junk so i looked out the window and saw the same guy walking down the street. "who would have a paper boy deliver mail in the rain" i said to myself. I later got a text from my mom thats said, "staying at a hotel with scott be back in two weeks. l was ready to blow my top off so i ran to my room and laid stomach down and screamed as loud as i can.

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