~Stranded Life~

Alexandra Dawson lived in a pretty big town, well it was New York. Even though it was the most popular state she saw it in a different way better way. Outcasted from everyone else, and her untimingly drunken unsupportive mother, Alexandra basically lives alone and is the "lame" girl in this town. Dealing habbits of her own she is confronted by a older guy who sees the "brighter side" of her. But is he able to win her in time?


5. I thought getting raped was a bad thing :-&

 I didn't really think about what happened when i got into my house i just went straight to my room. When i got to my room i decided to not change into anything so i just took off my shirt and the sweat pants the guy well Jessie lended to me, and crawled under my covers. I always had dreams about my day when i slept. I don't know why it happens it just does. I forced myself not to think about jessie in any type of way. My best option was to avoid him at all matters. I can't believe he saw me in my underwear that's so imbaressing, so he's probally tweeting it to everyone at school. Anyway i shouldn't sweat about it to much, becides my life's already crappy it's not like that could make it worse. Taking all worries out of my mind i finally fell asleep. My breathing was steady, my mind was at work as i drifted into a dreamy mind set. I dreamt all sorts of things like, runnig down a endless road trying to get away from a giant grey jacket, but i'll fall into ice chamber and i freeze to death. But i wasn't that lucky, instead of dreaming that i dreamt that a tall dark figure was standing next to my bed and all i could see was his mouth as they were parted a little.


The figure then moved to the foot of my bed and took off what looked to be a jacket and put it on the floor. He then slowly crawled on my bed then on me as he stopped above my waist-line and pulled the covers off me as my skin was now exposed to him. My eyes were barley open in my dream and i couldn't really move or see anything. The guy closely examined my body as i just laid there on my back, and watched his every move. His lips brushed over my stomache, and i reacted with a irratation of almost being woken up and a little bit of pleasure. After all it was a dream, and plus nothing ever can harm you forereal in a dream, so i can just let it play out to see how it goes. With a little bit of hesitation he the began to kiss on my stomache in many different places. I then let out a slight moan which made him look up at me. He slowly began to move up my torso to my chest as he still continued to kiss me. He evenually made his way to my neck as he kissed my jaw-line, and it made me let out a slightly loud moan and he became cuatious. Still not able to move as much, he took advantadge of it by steadily grinding on my crotch and i quickly parted my lips in reaction to his movements. He risk-takingly moved his lips grazing them over mine, as he kissed me. It sent chills to me as my body became that i was being kissed. My eyes shot open and then i realized what occured in my dream was accually happening. I quickly sat up as the guy fell off the bed on the floor. "What are doing in here?" i asked in a calm tone which surprised both of us. " u-uh....um...i..uh" the man said who turned out to Jessie. He then took his eyes off of mine as he scanned my body, and i quickly covered my self. For some reason i wasn't scared or alert by him, i guess i didn't see him as a real threat to me. "I think you shoud go home" i said as i got up and opened my door to signal him out. He then got up and left out my room and then my house, and i made sure the doors were locked when he left. I later was able to go to bed safe and sound.


"Alexandra!" my teacher yelled at me knocking me out of my thought train of what happened last night. She then wrote me a detention slip for not paying attention, not even the teachers cared about me in anyway.


Walking to the detention hallway I saw Jessie walking down the hallway, but he was to busy listening to music to look up and see me. I decided to confront him about what he did last night, "hey!" I shouted loud enough for him to hear me. He then looked up to see standing in front of him with look of disdain. "uh.....hi" he said taking the headphones out his ears. "Thanks alot!! Because of you I got an F on my exam" I scolded as I punched him in the arm. l don't know why I wasn't beating him to the ground for what he did last night, I have to admit I kinda enjoyed it. He then stopped rubbing his arm and said, " if this is about last night I felt like as total dick-head doing that to you". He had such a pitiful look on his face, I sorta had sympathy for him. Just don't break into my house again" I said with a smirk, 'stop flirting with him you idiot you don't know what he's capable of' I thought in my head. His expression soon turn to a grin as he saw I wasn't mad at him."Well next time I'll ask for your permission" he said then walked away.


"What did I just do" I said as I watched him walk away.

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