~Stranded Life~

Alexandra Dawson lived in a pretty big town, well it was New York. Even though it was the most popular state she saw it in a different way better way. Outcasted from everyone else, and her untimingly drunken unsupportive mother, Alexandra basically lives alone and is the "lame" girl in this town. Dealing habbits of her own she is confronted by a older guy who sees the "brighter side" of her. But is he able to win her in time?


4. Boy shorts, Blue eyes, and Straddling

Soon l heard one of the guys yell, "Lets get her!". I ran as on the empty road trying to get as far away from them as l could. My feet battered at the ground, racing to get away. My heart was pounding with adrenaline, which made me run faster then usual. The guys were right on my ass, and they were laughing as they watched my skinny self run down tje road. "you can't run forever pretty lady" another guy exclaimed. It was freezing cold and i left my jacket i the detention room. My huffs grew louder my stomache started to ache along with my head, and my adrenaline rush was long gone. "Gotcha now sweet thang" one of the guys laughed. My heart was trying to crawl out my chest, but i wasn't stopping for nothing. I knew they would soon catch me if i didn't push harder but if i'm gonna make it i had to stop sooner or later. Getting a far distance away from them so i stopped to catch my breath. Pacing myself i heard one of the guys yell, "there she is!" as they came around the corner. I took off again and got further away, and i couldn't hear them behind me, but i stil wasn't stopping. Running to victory, i started feeling a dreadful pain in my ankle, and started limping and slowing down. The freezing weather was no help either, as tears ran down my face. I was now wandering what would kill me, a group of horny duranged teens, or me throwing up my already beatin up heart. With no one in sight i was now fighting for survival, and was slowly losing. Frantically running my leg got caught by the bumper of a honda pick-up truck. I fell to the ground in pain as the 6 guys got closer. Getting up the guys evenually caught up to me and grabbed me. I started screaming for help as the guys picked me up and took me away to a alley. "Your were a hastle" the guy who was carying said as he pushed me against the brick wall. "Show her the magic" a different guy said. Obeying the guy in front of me grabbed my legs as two guys held my arms against the wall. "NO GET OFF ME!" i yelled as the guy opened my. He grabbed the front of my pants and tried to take them off. I started kicking my legs all over the place, when two of the guys grabbed the ends of my legs and took off my shoes. The main guy who was attempting to take off my pants soon unziped them and pulled them off. Half exposed i was lucky to be wearing my boy shorts and not accual underwear. The guy somehow put my legs over his shoulders as he tried to undo his pants.That was the end point for me, i started to scream and wiggle around as 5 of the guys struggled to keep me still. As the guy finally undid his pants he took my legs down and tried to take my boy shorts off. Still trying to take them off one of the guys yelled "hurry up i wanna screw this chick" that broke the ice 'i am not getting screwed 6times over' i thought in my head. I screamed at the top off my lungs and kicked my leg harder. Thank god some one heard my cries. I soon heard police cars, and all six of the guy jumped. Bad news was the cops were to busy chasing a stolen car. Well i can just kiss my freedom good bye. Then out of no where i fall to the ground, and start taking off. I was then grabbed and rushed down the sidewalk when i tried to fight off the guy who was holding me. He just ignored my pittiful attempt tobreak free. I was then rushed into a house, when the guy pushed the door in without fully closing it. We were now on the floor as i still tried to break free, and scream my way out of his grip. "Shhh! stop screaming he said putting his hand over my mouth. I didn't stop until i heard someone outside say, " where the fuck did she go". Then i could see those 6 guys walking past the house i was in. The guys were gone, but who ever took me couldn't keep me, so i started wiggling and wining. My body was freezing from being exposed like that, but i didn't care i just wanted to get away. "Stop your freezing" the guy demanded as he grabbed on of my ice cold hands and started breathing hot air on it. It sent warm chills through my body, but i was still trying to escape. he then grabbed my other hand and repeated what he did to the other. My tempreture soon rised again, but my breathing was still speeding up at the fact that some guy pulled me into his house and was breathing on me. Then the guy wrapped his arms around me to warm my entire body up. He was acting like i was to seconds from dying, then i felt my tempreture go back to normal and maybe if he didn't do that i probally would've died. still cautious i stopped moving and screaming. I could feel his heart beat, and noticed that our hearts and breathing were in sync with one another. I turned around to see bright blue eyes and short blond hair and the same grey sweater from the other times. ' so that's how he looks.............. damn.' I thought in my head. "You alright" he asked as i calmed down. "Y-yeah" i said easing up a bit. He gave me a weak smile, expecting me to smile back when i didn't. "I'm Jessie" he said with full smile. "Alexandra" i shyly said. We were still the same position when i realised that i was stradling him sideways and also that i was in my underwear(boy shorts). He then noticed too and let his gripp go, "sorry um i'll go get some pants for you to wear" he said as he got up and went off to another room. I stood up and stood thaer akwardly as he came back witha pair of sweat pants and handed them to me. After i put them i turned to the door and slowly opened, " l don't think you should worry your house is across the street" he said with a smirk.

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