~Stranded Life~

Alexandra Dawson lived in a pretty big town, well it was New York. Even though it was the most popular state she saw it in a different way better way. Outcasted from everyone else, and her untimingly drunken unsupportive mother, Alexandra basically lives alone and is the "lame" girl in this town. Dealing habbits of her own she is confronted by a older guy who sees the "brighter side" of her. But is he able to win her in time?


6. A girls gets cut then she wants to take you home

~Hello friends well i decided to post my next chapter today so I guess I'll be posting two chapters a day. And this one is a little explicit so be watchful (tyrica plz don't kill me) luff you! :-* ~.



Ever since the other day Jessie started talking to me on a regular basis. I tried to avoid him but some how he wormed his way into my life.

I was studying during study hall trying to prepare for the final exam. I was looking at the laws of physics the words didn't make since to me. I could read the words its just what the book was talking about didn't make since to me. I stopped reading the book before my head exploded when I looked up and realized I was the only one in the room and that school was over. I began to make my way out to the exit when remembered I needed to get my social studies book out of Ms. Stacy's classroom. Approaching the classroom something caught the corner of my eye, so I looked around to see what caught my attention. I was looking around and saw the most disturbing and horrifying thing ever........ Jocilyn in a cheer uniform. "Well look who it is.......the little unhappy bitch from hell" she said walking towards me. "Fuck off "I spat at her. She then called her cheer friends over where we were. "Little miss no-shine doesn't know what feels like to be pretty, think we should help her" she said with a sneaky look. The girls shook their heads in agreement 'let the torture begin' I thought in my head, as one of the girls pushed me and took my book bag off my shoulder. Then one off them grabbed my hair and started yanking it, then she let go of my hair and knocked me on the ground. "How do you feel Alex?" "Well its not the first time I've been tortured by a group of people" I said getting up. I then saw the girls in front of me get frighten for some reason. When I felt a sharp pain go across the back of my shoulder. Falling to the ground I heard one of the girls yell at jocilyn, as I saw blood rush down my arm. Putting two and two together I realized jocilyn cut my shoulder with a razor blade. Trying not to cry I ran to the nearest room I could find, an shut the door behind me and started to cry my bitter heart out.



Jessie's pov (finally!)

I walked down the hallway as I saw Jocilyn and her cheer friends, "Hey Jess when do me and you plan on hooking up" Jocilyn asked as her friends giggled. "Sorry I don't date whores" I said in an annoying way. She then flicked me off as her and her friends walked off. I then continued a stroll down the hallway thinking of Alex and how I was gonna win her over. Something about her seemed different from other girls I've fancied before. and it would make it easy for me to get her I she was innocent, but a girl with looks and a body like that couldn't be so innocent. As I walked through the school I took off my head phones since it kept playing the same songs, and I stopped to put them in my bag. Putting my headphones in my bag, I heard a faint cry come from somewhere in the hallway. Caught off guard I decided to see where it was coming from, so I can do something good for once. Walking further down the hallway I could hear the noise getting louder so now I can easily find out where its coming from. I eventually found out it was coming from the janitors closet, and so I slowly opened it so I wouldn't scare who ever was on the other side. opening it all the way the light from the hallway shined into the dark closet as it revealed some girl sitting against the wall crying, and the girl was Alexandra. "H-hey what's wrong Alex" I sympathetically said sitting next to her. She looked at me for only two seconds and turned her head back towards her lap. "How did you get hurt like that" I said noticing the fresh cut on her shoulder. "Let's just say a bitchy wolf got a clean shot" she said wiping her eyes. I looked around and saw a first aid kit and grabbed it. After I fixed up her wound she then got up and thanked me.



lex's pov:

He was better then any other guy I had "encounters" with. Maybe I should give him a shot, it's probably the only thing that won't male my life a living hell. 

"So I guess I'll see you later" Jessie said as he helped me up and was a bout to leave when I stopped him. "Hey Jessie I was wondering if you would want to come to my house you know as a way for me to say thank you" I said with a grin. "Oh yeah and what's my reward?" he asked with a smile. "Let's just say it won't be the first time you've seen me without any clothes".



~hi there soooooooooo, do you like the story id think it was real explicit but it was a little saucy. anyway make sure to tell people about the story so i can get reads much appreciated~

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