Imagines One Direction

Just some random imagines of the boys of One Direction
Comment some personal stuff and situation and boy so you can get one yourself. x


5. Preference 3

How he'll say goodbye at the airport

Harry: He'll stare deeply into your eyes, saying nothing as he lightly strokes your cheek. Tears will form in his eyes and right before he leaves, he'll give you a long, passionate kiss, hesitant to let you go.

Niall: Once he's told to say his goodbyes, he'll run up to you and hug you, swinging you from his side to side as he squeezes you as tightly as possible. He'll give you a strong kiss before running off, wavind back to you with every step he takes.

Louis: For the sake of his own reputation, he'll cover up the tears as he buries his face in your shoulder, focusing on keeping the memory of your scent as he lets all the memories rush into his mind.

Liam: He'll hand you a red rose, claiming it'll be the first of many. As you smell it, you notice him observing you lovingly with a smile on his face. He'll reach out and stroke you cheek, giving you a light kiss.

Zayn: He'll start blabbering on about how much he'll miss you and about how terrible he feels about leaving you, giving you a quick kiss before being dragged away by Paul.

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