Imagines One Direction

Just some random imagines of the boys of One Direction
Comment some personal stuff and situation and boy so you can get one yourself. x


4. Preference 2

How he gets you to forgive him

Niall: You wake up to a stone hitting your window. You open the window to see who it is, to find Niall with his guitar. He starts singing 'forgive me' by Leona Lewis.

Liam: He sits you down on the couch and grabs both you hands "I'm so sorry babe, forgive me?" Liam says. You forgive him and he hugs you.

Louis: Harry calls you and tells you to go to the beach quickly. You go to find Louis sitting on a blanket with a picnic basket. "I'm so sorry, I love you" he says.

Zayn: Your on the swing at the park and he comes over to you. He stops the swing an wraps his arms around you. He apologizes and you forgive him.

Harry:You wake up by Harrys lips on yours, you pull away and he apologizes.


Sorry it's short x



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