Imagines One Direction

Just some random imagines of the boys of One Direction
Comment some personal stuff and situation and boy so you can get one yourself. x


3. Preference 1

You're fangirling about someone & he gets jealous.

Harry: You're fangirling about Zac Efron, while you two are watching 'Charlie St.Cloud'. You were almost crying about the fact that Zac is so emotional and sensitive in the movie. Harry sees that and suddenly he starts to cry randomly. You looked up at him and you couldn't believe what  he was doing. You just shutted the TV off and start laughing at him. "I'm emotional too you see!" He says between the tears, you just laugh at the cuteness of Harry and you kissed him.

Louis: You're fangirling about how hot Ian Somerhalder looks and Louis gets jealous, so he flexes."I'm still hot right?" he asks, looking at you. "Of course!" you say, witout even looking at him, eyes glued to the screen. He sighs and shuts the TV off. "Hey! I'm gonna mi-" you're interrupted because Louis has suddenly smashed his lips into yours.

Liam: You guys are watching 'Twilight' again, as the last one is coming out tomorrow. "Look at those abs" you say, as Taylor Lautner takes his shirt off. "Nevermind, I don't want to watch Twilight tomorrow" he says, shutting off the TV and looking at you with lust in his eyes.

Niall: You're practically drooling at the TV, because you're watching season 2 episodes of 'The Vampire Diaries.' with Nathaniel Buzolic in it. "Whatcha watchin' princess?" Niall asks, sitting next to you. You don't respond so he looks at the TV and he frowns and tries to get you attention all day long.

Zayn: You're on Tumblr and you suddenly say:" DAMN SON. CHECK THOSE ABS OUT". When I say 'say' i kind of meant 'yell'. "Whose?" Zayn asks, jealousy written all over his face. "Uhhhhh" you say, looking at him and blushing. He taked the laptop out of your lap and sees pictures of him shirtless. "Oh." he replies smiling. "Why look at all these pictures when you have the real thing right here?" he says, smiling and pointing to himself.

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