Imagines One Direction

Just some random imagines of the boys of One Direction
Comment some personal stuff and situation and boy so you can get one yourself. x


6. Louis for Karlea

You and Louis have a big fight, you had heared a lot of rumors and it was making your relationship a bit difficult. Because of those rumors you didn't trust Louis anymore and at one day you completly lost it and you fighted. Louis heared enough about the fact you didn't trust him anymore and he broke up with you.

Weeks have past and your feelings for Louis were stronger than ever, how could you be so stupid to believe all those rumors. You should have trust him but sadly it was to late. The boys had left on their new tour and you decided to call Zayn. He was one of your best friends and the *Phone call went like this:

You say this with tears falling from your eyes: I'm so stupid! I should have trusted him, i love him so much but it's to late-

Zayn interrupted: No! It's amazing you feel this way!!

You replied this all confused: What do you mean!? I'm completly lost without him! He hates me! He isn't mine anymore!

Zayn: No Louis feels the same! He is comletly lost, he doesn't enjoys his singing anymore, he doesn't dance and have fun on stage. I hear him cry every night! He even gets drunk the whole time, even when we have a performance. He believes that his sadness will leave when he drinks but it hurts even more when he gets sober. It hurts me to see him like that.

The tears were now even more falling from your face but you managed to get out: WHAT DID I DO TO HIM! I'm so stupid!

Zayn answers: Wait! I'll come and you come with me and we can surpris him on stage!? What do you think?

You: Well I don't know... Are you sure he feels the same-

Zayn: Karlea! He loves you more than ever!

You: He loves me...?

Zayn: Yeah! Now shut up, I'm coming for you.



There was a knock on the door. You ran to the door revieling Zayn. You hugged him tight because you missed him like crazy. You and him were heading towards the arena where they were gonna perform that day. You were dropped off by all the fans that were going to the arena. A couple of hours went past and everyone took their seats. The lights went out and you saw the boys coming on stage. Your eyes looking for Louis, but he wasn't there. The boys just talked a while when suddenly Louis stumbled on stage. He was drunk, Greeaaaaattt..... (note the sarcasm) They started singing and you saw Louis wasn't his usually loud and happy self. He was sad and a little bit drunk. When he looked in your direction he kinda froze. Zayn looked at him and he knew what was happening. Louis couldn't believe his eyes because he rubbed them. Suddenly you saw him running towards you and you couldn't help but run towards him either. When you were just a couple of inches away you couldn't but cry, he was also trying not to cry. At that moment you just knew that you two made a stupid mistake, you were right for eachother. Without thinking your lips crashed to his and made this a magical moment. Especially because of the boys and the fans were clapping and cheering. You both pulled away out of breath.

Louis: I'm so sorry I was stupid. I know it's difficult to be mine and stuff so I must have understand you..

You: It's nothing, were togheter now and nothing is gonna break us apart    Right?

Louis: Togheter forever

And another kiss was shared.





That was bad right?

I'm sorry if my English is bad

But I don't speak English at home!

Hope you still liked it even though it sucks :p

Hhahaha keep commenting

Love yaaaaa!



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