Curiosity killed the cat

Ever struggle to keep a secret? Make sure no one ever finds out? Until you meet that one person who just takes your breathe away that you tell him EVERYTHING!


7. Oops.... I was drunk?!

(Hey.. I'm changing how the conversations go so you can understand better... For example it's gonna be like: carelina-




It was still early morning when we got back to the hotel. Louis suggested that we watch a movie and we all agreed to watch "Finding Nemo". Niall brought along some alcohol to the living room.  Me, Harry, Louis, and Niall sat on the couch. Liam and zayn ended up on the floor. It's funny how we are watching Finding Nemo even though we are grown up. By the middle of the movie, I was on Harry and completely wasted! The boys had a "brilliant" idea to go walk around on the streets in costumes an try not to get noticed. They all left except Niall, who was too drunk to walk. We were really close on the couch and for some reason I ended up on him. I don't know what I was thinking but I started to kiss him. He was so irresistible. It turned out to be a whole make out session before Harry walked in. Harry:WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?- Carelina: its not what it looks like!- Harry: then what does it look like?- I look over to Niall and he is passed out. I look at Harry go to the kitchen and her glass shattering. I walk over to see dishes and cups broken on the floor. Carelina: Harry it was an accident....- Harry: AN ACCIDENT! That's not an accident!!- . Carelina: look we just met, what do you expect me to do follow you everywhere like a dog and listen to all your commands!- Harry: well I didn't ask for a girlfriend who sleeps with everyone except her boyfriend!- carelina: so you just wanna get in my pants! I'm out of here- Harry: fine, go!-. Wih years in my eyes I run out of the room and into Liam's. Liam: oh hey carelina, what happened to you?- carelina: just tell Harry to leave me alone!- I hear yelling from outside the room and I look and see Danielle sitting in Liam's kitchen. We introduce each other and as soon as Liam comes back, I tell them both what just happened.

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