Curiosity killed the cat

Ever struggle to keep a secret? Make sure no one ever finds out? Until you meet that one person who just takes your breathe away that you tell him EVERYTHING!


5. Meet the parents.... And sisters

I woke up early and Harry was still sleeping. I lay there just admiring his tones abs. After about 5 minutes, I decided to take a shower. I couldn't find a towel when I got out and went to the suite to find one. As I walk in, harry is already dressed sitting on the bed. " Harry, look away!" I tell at him. " oh come on , I've seen you make plenty of times" he says. "Just throw me a towel". "Fine" he says sarcastically. " I want you to meet my parents today" I tell him. " ok but under one condition?" " what?"I ask. " you have to meet my family on Christmas Eve"he says. "I'm fine with that" I agree. We head out the door and we see Louis eavesdropping. " Carelina, have fun at Harry's house" he says with a smirk. " oh shut up louis!" I say. We drove up to my house and the boys' mouths dropped. My house had 80 rooms and 32 bathrooms. It kind of looked like a 5 star hotel. We walked up to the gate and I put my code in. As we walked through the door my 3 sisters ran up to me.( Lilia-6 years old, Malina-9 years old, and Tina-15 years old) as soon as Malina and Lilia saw the boys they screamed. "Girls meet my new boyfriend" I tell them. " no way!" They say at the same time. "Yes way" harry said as my parents walked in. "Hello, mr. And mrs. mackenshire" harry said. "Please just call us mom and dad" my dad winked at him. " dad we didn't do it yet" I tell at him. We all start laughing at my comment. We all ate dinner and everybody had a great time. When we finished, Harry and I went to our inside pool. "I've had a great time" harry said. "I think my family loves you" I say while laughing. "And I love you" he says. I couldn't believe what came out of his mouth. "I love you too" I say back. As he came closer for a kiss, I fell into the pool!

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