Curiosity killed the cat

Ever struggle to keep a secret? Make sure no one ever finds out? Until you meet that one person who just takes your breathe away that you tell him EVERYTHING!


8. It's too late to apologize

Carelina's POV: 

I wake up on the couch in Liam's room. At first I am confused then I remember everything that happened last night. The second I stand up, my head starts to hurt. I goto the kitch to find some aspirin and I hear a knock on the door. It's probably Liam or Danielle, since they aren't here. I open the door and see Harry standing there with roses. I start to slam the door in his face but his foot stops it. Carelina: well then come in if your gonna stand there all day-. Harry: I thought you ran away somewhere already-. Carelina: anywhere to get away from you-. I could tell that he was getting angry for saying that. Harry: carelina.....-. Carelina: save it. I'm too hungover I realize what you are going to say. Now before we break some vases and yell, I am going to take a shower-. I walk into te bathroom and just hope I am sober enough to remember to lock the door........

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