Curiosity killed the cat

Ever struggle to keep a secret? Make sure no one ever finds out? Until you meet that one person who just takes your breathe away that you tell him EVERYTHING!


3. " his lips are dripping honey, but he'll sting you like a bee"

As I turned around, Harry pushed me against the lockers and kissed me on the lips. He licked my bottom lip for entrance and I let him. His was the first time I actually had butterflies in my stomach while kissing. " what was that for?" I asked. " um ever since I saw you serving our table, I was attracted to you and I wanted to know if I really liked you. And I did because I had butterflies in my stomach and I wanted to know if you will go out with me?" He said te last part really fast. At first I was shocked and then I finally replied with a whisper " yes!". " ok perfect I want  you to meet the boys." He said while smiling really big. I agreed and we left the changing room. We walk up to the table and harry introduces me to all of them, " this is Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Niall and buys this is my new girlfriend Carelina". " we'll that was quick" Louis tells him. " Carelina how about we go for a walk and get to know each other more?"harry asks me. "Sounds good lets go". We head out and there is paparazzi everywhere! They start shouting things like: " are you two going out now?", " Harry tell us about your girlfriend?", and " wow! Harry Styles dating the billionaire's daughter!". I prayed that he didn't her the last comment. We finally lost them and harry starts by saying " what did they mean about me dating a billionaire?". " umm see Harry it's just that I'm rich" I say. " you're what?!". " loaded, rich, wealthy. Whatever you call it" I say. " wow and I thought you wanted me for my money...". " haha you're funny Romeo but I'm not that mean", I reply with a grin. It was getting pretty dark and we walked up to the lake. I suggest we go skinny dipping and he agrees. I go in first and he follows. " you know I've always wanted to do this" I tell him. " we'll then we are going to have lots of fun", he smirks at me. He starts splashing me and after he stops kissing me, we hear laughing. We look up and see Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam run away with our clothes.

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