Curiosity killed the cat

Ever struggle to keep a secret? Make sure no one ever finds out? Until you meet that one person who just takes your breathe away that you tell him EVERYTHING!


2. Cut by embarrassment

Harry helped me clean up and now he is going to go help me change into my normal clothes. As I'm walking towards the changing room, there is a little bit of blood on my bikini top. I realize that the glass has cut some of my right breast and I try to hide it. But it's too late because Harry noticed it too! He told me to go and sit on the bench in the changing room while he goes and gets the first aid kit. It was cold sitting in a wet bikini while bleeding. He came back and he told me to show him the cut. I didn't move. " oh come on, don't be embarrassed" he said. " I'm not embarrassed!" I reply. " yes you are!". "No!". " fine then show me". " fine" I say and take off my bikini top. " see it wasn't so bad" he sai and started to clean the cut. " says the one who is cleaning a naked lady" I tell him and he starts grinning. He finishes and I get dressed up. I told my boss that I won't be working for the rest of the day because I felt sticky an i needed a shower. 

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