A White Rose

Even the brightest star can succumb to the darkness.


3. Monochromatic Conversation

Two months have passed since he left.

Two months, ten days.

That’s how long it took to meet someone.

He’s no one special but he is someone, rather than the hundreds of no ones and any ones I meet every day. We met at the coffee shop when he bought me a drink for no reason. That’s something Kieran never did, even when he had a reason.

Someone said I was pretty, any ones don’t say that and no ones don’t say anything at all, they just stare.

I think there could be something between us - someone and I - he’s smart and he’s funny and frankly he’s just nice. He never said one nasty thing or made a reference to drugs or sex, he never swore and he never stopped smiling. Not even once, not until I told him I had to go.

We only talked for about an hour and that was about all I could manage because after that you tend to run out of safe subjects, small talk only goes so far. I understood the shadow on his face when I had to leave but I don’t think he’d have understood why I did. That hour was secure, it was full of monochromatic conversation – no colour, no depth and not much meaning – and I’m not sure if I’m ready to leave that. Not yet.

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