The Day I Met Him

18 year old Selena Mitchels, goes to the mall with her friend Kat they are die hard Directioners...they love one direction so much they would even cry so much if they saw a 1 minuet video they would start crying hard...........Selena likes harry and Kat likes Zayn.....Selena has brown and black hair with green,blonde, and purple streaks and brown eyes. Kat has brown hair with red streaks and has black eyes..and they live together in Holmes Chapel England. one direction were on a break from tour and never told any fans so they wont get mobbed stayed at harry's flat in Holmes Chapel..So will they see them at the mall or not?!? READ AND FIND OUT!!!


2. Chapter 2

~Selena's P.O.V~


'' hey Kat do ya want to go to the mall?!?!'' i asked


''//////////////// yeah sure,let me finish my make up''


when we got to my car i started the engine and drove to the mall.


~~~~~skip car ride~~~~~


''hey lets go to 1D World'' shouted Kat


''sure'' i replyed


''hey lets get these!!!''she shouted


''i don't know.... i didn't bring enough money'' i said in a curious voice tone


she was holding all the 1D dolls, jewelry, key chains, clothes ....basically every thing in a basket


'' you know i have a lot of money and emergency money in my bra.'' she said in a DUH tone of voice.


She was pretty rich because here mom is a model and her dad is a billionaire and owned half the united states. so of course she is rich.


'' oh yeah i forgot you were bad'' i said


''oh yeah''she said trying to mimic my voice but in a high pitched voice


''i don't talk like that'' i shrieked 


''mmkay whatever you lets pay for these and go home'' she shouted


''ok that will be 110 euros please'' the cashier said 


''here you go ma'am '' kat said


''thank you and thanks for shopping at 1D world'' said the cashier 


''your welcome and we will be back soon'' kat said









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