The Flower School Of Dance- Swan

When an audition comes up for The Royal Ballet School summer school Swan knows that it could be a huge part in her plan to become a proffesional ballet dancer. She works harder than ever but what will happen when practice becomes an obsession!


1. Chapter one


Nothing much happens in the country side. All the big events happen in the cities, that’s where all the big stars are. I’m determined to put my name on the map though! I want to be a professional ballet dancer. I want it so badly it hurts, I would do anything for it, give anything up. I go to public secondary school in the middle of the village. It’s nothing special; disgusting school canteens, scratchy school uniforms and ancient maths teachers who drone at you until you are on the verge of falling asleep! But what get’s me through the dull school day is knowing that I can go to dance after it all.

I attend the Flower School of Dance. I am a member of the elite class of gifted dancers. There is six of us in total all handpicked from the school. We all love ballet as much as each other.

When I get home after a long Monday I get changed as soon as I get in for ballet. I pull on the regulation pink tights and my favourite white leotard with a matching lace wraparound skirt. Now we are in grade 6 we have the privilidge of wearing whatever we like to ballet.

I grab my big pink dance bag and walk down to the school as it is only down the road from us. I push open the heavy front door and smile at the sound of the piano tinkering away as the little kids practice in studio A. I walk past the grade 4 class in studio B and continue to studio C. Studio C is my favourite of the three. It has old, patchy windows with ribbons of sunlight streaming through, creaky floor boards and a collection of cobwebs in the corners. But when I start to dance in there it feels like I am dancing on the Royal opera house stage with the Royal Ballet behind me, turning fouettes in a fluffy white tutu. There is a kind of magic in this studio that isn’t quite the same in the other two pristine and new studios.

This studio is always open for me to practice in and I practice a lot! I pull on my leather ballet flats and fluffy pink leg warmers. As always I am half an hour early so that I can warm up before class.

My name is Swan. My mother was a princible dancer for the Royal ballet company. Swan lake was always her favourite ballet and the swan queen her favourite part to play. She named me after this ballet she says because I am gracefull and timid and delicate just like a swan.

I finish warming up, feeling the stretch on my muscles. I walk through to the studio B changing room to where my grade 6 class are waiting. Our teacher miss Wells has brown curly hair and a small, slim pair of spectacles always precariously perched on the end of her nose, she is tall and slim. Juliet walks in then. Juliet is my best friend, we have known each other since we started ballet when we were three. She is small and slender which differs slightly from my taller willowy frame. She has dark glossy hair always braded around her head in a low bun. She has soft, kind brown eyes. We look like complete opposites with her darker features and my light blond hair and misty blue eyes. Juliet is wearing a simple sky blue leotard with a matching chiffon skirt. Our large grade 6 class pours into studio B. We start with bar work and I flow through all of the movements each move perfect and precise. I get called out frequently for doing things well and me and Juliet have to demonstrate exercises in front of the older girls in the class. When class is over me and Juliet go through to studio C for our elite class. Waiting in the changing room for us is Rose, Giselle, Bella and Scarlett.

Rose is picture perfect she has creamy skin with pink cheeks she has sunshine blond hair with big Disney like glassy blue eyes. Today she is wearing all pink, a dark pink leotard with a lighter pink skirt.

Giselle is small and frail with dark brown hair and intense brown eyes. She is wearing a plain white leotard and floaty green skirt.

Bella has dark blond hair and eyes like melting chocolate. She is tall and statuesque. She is wearing a navy blue leotard with a lace neck and knitted black shorts.

Scarlett has golden hair and dark seaweed green eyes. She is wearing a black leotard and red skirt.

We all slip on our point shoes ready for class. I twist the ribbons around my ankles. We are called in for class and start with some challenging new exercises. Then miss Wells calls us all around to talk to us.

“Right girls I have a big announcement.” A buzz of excitement passes around the room.

“The Royal ballet school are holding auditions next month for their annual summer school. I want all of you to audition!”

Excited squeels can be heard all around the studio.

“You will perform your grade 6 exam work and perform a dance as a solo for them.”

My heart thuds with nerves and excitement. Maybe this could be the start of all of my dreams coming true!

I am fourteen now and have missed the audition age of eleven to get into the Royal ballet School. I regret not auditioning every day, regret not going for my dreams. This could be second chance. What if I got into the summer school and the teachers liked me enough to give me a permanent place at the school!

I already know that I want this so much. Miss Wells tells us that we are free to use the empty studios whenever we like to practice.

We are dismissed from class and we all chatter excitedly in the changing room. I pull on my pink coat and say goodbye to all of the others. I run all the way home, desperate to tell mum the news.

I blurt out my news as soon as I get through the door. Mum drops what she’s doing and envelopes me in a giant, comforting hugs that only mums can make you feel so safe in.

“Oh Swan I’m so proud of you!”

Tears of happiness trickle down her cheeks. This sparks my eyes welling up with tears of pride.

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