--I wrote Time-Less for the sci-fi competition, so this is the follow on from that. xx--

I have Dreams. Dreams which I can't explain. Dreams that feel so real, it's as if they are memories. Sometimes I feel as if I am awake, and it's happening in front of me, other times, I just dream of nothing. It's either The Dream, or just a blank. Something happened to me in reality. Something I can't remember when I have my eyes open; but when I sleep, relive it in flashes.


3. Seeing

"The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up."

Paul Valery

'Amelia! Amelia! AMELIA!' I shot up out of bed, breathing deeply. I blinked, looking into my room mates face. She was frowning at me with concern.

'Sorry.' I mumbled, rubbing a hand over my sweaty face.

'Amelia, this can't go on! You're barely sleeping at night, and you wake up looking like a corpse! What is it that you dream about which terrifies you so much?' She asked, upset for me. I smiled gently and breathed deeply as I closed my eyes.

Lauren Harris had been my friend since we'd met in Primary School. Some boys were picking on me with my red hair, and she ran up and chased them off with me. She was the most confident person I'd ever met, and also one of the kindest.

Ever since then, we've been best friends, although we're exact opposites, we understand each other like sisters. Lauren has golden blonde hair and deep blue eyes, where I have ginger hair, green eyes and freckles.

'Amelia, please. Talk to me. What is it that you see in your dreams? You were screaming again.' Lauren sat down on my bed next to me and stared into my eyes. I sighed.

'I don't know Lauren. It doesn't matter. I'm sorry I woke you, but it's nothing. I can sort it out, promise.' I smiled at her. She knew I didn't want to talk about it, and let me off, shooting me one more worried glance as she walked out my room and closed the door.

As soon as she left, I collapsed on the sheets and started to cry silently.

This Dream was the worst one yet.

I dreamt I was about to be hit by a speeding car, but it seemed to freeze inches away from me. Everything else froze as well, as though I was in a film and someone had hit the pause button. I heard growling behind me, and saw a hideous dog drooling as it stared at me with hunger. It's eyes were like flames, and its fur was long and matted, covered with some sort of black slime which dripped on to the pavement, causing it to fizz as it hit the paving stones. It started to lunge towards me, it's huge jaws wide open as it pounced for my neck. 

A pale man with greasy black hair and incredibly pale skin stood behind it and grinned, his eyes wide open in malevolent glee as the monster leapt towards me.

I screamed, shutting my eyes tight shut and putting my hand up to defend myself. Suddenly, the dog froze mid air, and the pale man screamed in anger, his eyes sparkling with hatred.

I heard footsteps from behind me, and the boy from my other dreams appeared, casually strolling towards the dog suspended in the air, and kicked it hard in the ribs so it flew away from me, landing heavily.

The pale man snapped his fingers and the dog disappeared in a puff of smoke which stank of sulphur.

'You know better than this Grim. She's under my protection.' The boy said, his voice cold as he stood squarely in front of me.

'You can't protect her forever Xavier; one day she'll die, and you cannot stop it! Humans age. She will die and you can't do anything! Even her time will run out.You might be Time, but you can't prolong her time.' He cackled like a witch, but quickly broke off as Xavier stepped forwards menacingly.

'You know better than to anger me Grim. Leave. Now. You've put me in a bad mood.' His voice was cold and dangerous. I shivered with fear and started backing away as Grim's eyes widened with abject terror before he scuttled away like a rat.

Xavier turned to face me, his eyes an unnatural red. 

'Be more careful human.' He spat out, before he lunged towards me, grabbing my shoulders and bringing his face inches away from mine so his gleaming red eyes stared into mine. Then, I found myself back on the pavement, as though nothing had happened.

The scariest thing about this dream was I remember being in that place yesterday. I remember the exact same car speeding past just before I stepped off the pavement to cross the road, and I remember swearing at the driver before going to a crossing further down the road.

Everything which happened in my dream, could have happened in reality.

I dried my cheeks and sat up.

I had to pull myself together, because now Lauren was getting worried, and if it continued, she'd tell my Mum. I could not deal with her on my back right now, especially seeing as I was taking a gap year which my Mother "highly disapproved of".

I yawned before crawling out of bed and reaching for my clothes. I quickly got dressed and made myself another coffee. I held the mug in my hands, warming them through the ceramic mug Lauren had bought me years ago when her family took her to Paris.

I frowned, suddenly getting the feeling of being watched, and quickly finished my coffee. I grabbed my coat, and shouted good bye to Lauren. She grunted from her room, already half asleep again. Unlike her, I needed a job to pay my half of the rent. Lauren's parents were successful Doctors, and though they get loads of cash, they never get a lot of time to be with Lauren, so they keep her well supplied with money instead. She's not spoilt like many other girls in similar situations, but she prefers to sleep than work. I don't mind, seeing as she actually goes to University, studying medicine, obviously. 

I walked out the flat and locked the door behind me, concious of safety in London, despite how Lauren's parents found the best and safest flat in the best location, I was raised to be cautious, and never left the doors or windows unlocked.

I quickly ran down the stairs, not wanting to me late for work.

I frowned, and quickly turned around as I reached the bottom of the stairs, not able to shake the feeling of being watched.

I jogged down the road towards the pub I worked at, The Clock's Face.

I opened the door and walked ins, making sure the sign was still showing closed, before I called out to my boss.

'Sonny! I'm here!' I heard him shout from the back room and smiled before walking behind the bar and putting my coat and bag in the employees section.

Sonny was a bomb disposal expert and had served with my Dad in Afghanistan, and had stepped on a roadside bomb. He survived, which was incredibly lucky, but had lost a leg, so was honourably discharged for his service and given a good army pension. After months of rehabilitation, he opened his bar, and gave me a job. My Dad was still out in Afghanistan, staying behind to carry on helping the locals, so I kept Sonny updated about how he was.

Despite the fact Sonny was a close family friend, he didn't give me any slack when it came to work. If I was late, I'd get just as badly told off as any of the other waitresses.

'Hey Amy!' He said, carrying a crate of beer through the back door, his false leg clinking slightly.

'Hey Sonny. You still haven't seen Dr Yates about that have you? It's not supposed to make that much noise!' I grinned at him as I pulled an apron over my clothes. Sonny laughed as he put the crate on the floor and started unloading the beers in the fridge.

'It doesn't bother me Amy, besides, he'd charge me for it. I can fix it up myself, just tightening a few bolts is all that's to it.' Sonny was a big hulk of a Scottish man, and did a lot of his own labouring, not letting his false leg hold him back.

'Sonny, you might break it, then you'd have to pay out a lot more money for a new one!' I said, folding my arms across my chest and frowning at him. He laughed and nodded in agreement before quickly changing the subject.

'How's you're Daddy doin' then?' He asked, continuing to put the beers in the fridge.

'Still haven't got any letters from him so far. He did say in his last one it'd be difficult to get any more post through for a while, so I'm not too worried. Mum's worried, though she tries to hide it.' I wiped over the bar tops with a damp cloth, before going the other side of the bar and cleaning the tables.

'Aw, there's no need to worry 'bout your Daddy Amy. He's a toughy. If I didn't know any better I'd think he was a Scott!' I laughed with Sonny. As he took the crate back through to the back room, I got the feeling I was being watched again, and looked through the windows, trying to see who was watching me. There was nobody there.

I shivered nervously, before glancing back out the window one more time and going through to the back room to help Sonny bring in some more crates.

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