--I wrote Time-Less for the sci-fi competition, so this is the follow on from that. xx--

I have Dreams. Dreams which I can't explain. Dreams that feel so real, it's as if they are memories. Sometimes I feel as if I am awake, and it's happening in front of me, other times, I just dream of nothing. It's either The Dream, or just a blank. Something happened to me in reality. Something I can't remember when I have my eyes open; but when I sleep, relive it in flashes.


7. Remembering

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality."

Yoko Ono

My heart was pounding in my chest, ready to burst. 

I had no idea over why I willingly let him lead me to this strange place. He was basically a stranger.

A stranger with the most endearing eyes I'd ever seen. They were amazing, yet terrifying at the same time.

Somehow, despite only meeting him only a couple of hours ago, I felt safe with him; as though I knew him. Something about him was familiar.

I moaned slightly at the pain that shredded at my skull, turning under the warm blankets of his bed.

When he dragged me towards his room in that drunken state, I was petrified he'd do something awful. I had a deep rooted fear of him, and regretted trusting him.

When he threw me on his bed and left, I was shocked. He was much stronger than me, completely drunk and he just left me alone.

Not a lot of men would have that much restraint.

For what seemed like ages, I just sat there, trying to catch my breath and hold off the panic attack that had sprung on me.

After a couple of moments to compose myself, I noticed the key in the doors lock, and quickly turned the key, feeling a deep rooted relief. I heard him laugh softly through the mahogany door, and backed off.

I decided there was no chance for me to escape right now, and seeing as he couldn't get in, I might as well try and get some sleep till he'd gone to sleep and I could escape.

I stripped off my sopping clothes, hanging them on the towel rail of the en suite bathroom before climbing into the huge bed, sinking in the crisp cotton sheets. It felt like I'd imagine a cloud would feel like.

I massaged my temples, trying to get rid of the pain in my head, and focused on the man in the other room.

The huge muscled guy who first spoke to me was called Jordan... somehow that rang a bell...

Ouch! I thought, gripping my head as another wave of pain assailed me.

Jordan called the other guy... Xavier.

I moaned heavily. My head felt as though it was about to explode!

I whimpered and sunk further under the sheets, emptying my mind of everything. Gradually, my headache disappeared, and I began to drift asleep...


Images flitted through my mind...Jordan...Grim...Elaine...Veronica... Xavier; Light...Death...Wind... Darkness...Time.

The Unseen... the London Underground... him walking through people...Big Ben...

His smile.

His blood red eyes flashing before me as I jerked awake on the train as my stop was announced.

Him staring at me from the platform...


I sat up suddenly, sweating and breathing heavily.

My head was pounding, as though there was a person inside my mind hammering away at my skull. I closed my eyes, tears leaking down my cheeks. Quickly, I calmed myself. 

It was dark outside, the only light stretching through the windows was that of the street lamps.

I crept silently to the door, and put my ear up against the wood, straining to hear what was going on.

I heard Xavier talking to someone on the phone, sounding very angry. It was probably that Jason guy again.

I sneaked back into the bathroom, and got dressed into my creased, yet dry clothes, remaining as quiet as I possibly could. 

'There is no point running, human.' A sultry female voice sounded from above me. I gasped in fright and stepped back, pressing myself against the wall.

I looked up and saw a woman's' head and torso emerging from the ceiling. She wore thick make-up that accentuated her sharp face perfectly. Her pitch black hair was tied up in an elaborate bun, being held up with a net of diamonds. Her rich, red painted mouth smiled menacingly down at me, and her slim arms emerged from the ceiling, and started playing with a loose strand of curled hair as she contemplated me, like I was an unidentified animal in a zoo.

'He will stop you. Or just bring you back. There's no point. You are causing too much disruption to us, human.' She spoke so casually, and said "human" as though it was a dirty word, something she'd scrape off the heels of her stilettos that were still in the roof. 

'What are you?' I asked, glaring up at her, deciding that I definitely did not like her at all.

'No human speaks to me like that.' She said, glaring at me haughtily from the ceiling, crossing her decorated arms across her chest. I raised an eyebrow at her vehement tone. 

'I don't know why you're staying with him. After all, he's the cause of all those dreams you're having.' She said, smirking menacingly at me with narrowed eyes.

'What?' I asked, confused.

'He rewinds Time itself, so in this reality, you have never met him, or any of us. In this reality, you know nothing of the Unseen. Yet now you're having dreams about us; memories from other dimensions that have been created, because of you. You're messing around with the space time continuum and you don't even know it. You've destroyed everyone who loves you so many times, and he's saved you from that. You should just leave him alone. You're killing him!' Her voice grew louder and louder as she became more and more angry, and the room became darker and darker as her emotions developed.

I gasped as my head throbbed with a memory.

'Veronica!' I said, gasping as my world sank into complete Darkness.

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