--I wrote Time-Less for the sci-fi competition, so this is the follow on from that. xx--

I have Dreams. Dreams which I can't explain. Dreams that feel so real, it's as if they are memories. Sometimes I feel as if I am awake, and it's happening in front of me, other times, I just dream of nothing. It's either The Dream, or just a blank. Something happened to me in reality. Something I can't remember when I have my eyes open; but when I sleep, relive it in flashes.


10. Questioning

"Time was God's first creation."

Walter Lang

I knew it was reckless. After collapsing like a human would, I knew it was stupid and human-like to keep this woman close to me; but I couldn't let her go.

She still interested me.

I watched her as she thought of which question to ask first, and sighed.

'You should hurry up, you're wasting me.' I told her, swirling the bottle of whiskey in my hand.

'Okay, what does that mean then? "You're wasting me"?' She was frowning in confusion.

'I'm Time. When people dawdle they waste me. Next question.' She raised an eyebrow.


'Yes, now next question. I don't like being wasted.' My leg was twitching, bobbing up and down on the floor in irritation, and I took another swig of whiskey.

'Okay. Who was that woman earlier?'

'That was Veronica. She's Darkness. Next question.' She frowned again and I sighed, irritated beyond her comprehension.

'It's not difficult to understand human. I am Time, she was Darkness, we're the Unseen.'

'What's the Unseen?'

'Not what, who. The Unseen are the beings the Creator made at the beginning of Time; when I was Created, he created the others. There are a lot of Unseen, Lesser Unseen and just the Unseen. The lesser Unseen are things created as an after thought, where the Unseen are those which were first created.'

'Okay, who are the Unseen.'

'Me, Veronica, Elaine, Jordan and Grim. Our true names are Time, Darkness, Wind, Light and Death. I am the least seen of all of them.' I said, sounding slightly bitter.

'Um, okay. What did Veronica mean when she said you were causing my dreams?' I blinked and dropped the whiskey onto the lounge, leaning forward as I stared at her intently.

'Dreams?' I muttered, stepping forwards and pulling her up to stand by the shoulders.

'What dreams?' I asked.

'I don't know. They're more like... memories. I see you in every single one, and some creepy skinny emo with a rabid dog. In one, you took me to Big Ben and-' I broke her off.

'Are you lying to me?' I asked, my voice low and cold, my hands gripping her shoulders tightly.

'What? No! Ouch!!' She said as my grip tightened.

'Did she tell you to say that?' I asked, my voice rising. 

I knew my eyes turned blood red. They were burning as though someone had poured molten fire over the sockets. I could here the sounds of the city slow all around us, and the slopping of whiskey leaking over the lounge was almost frozen.

'No! I told you, I dreamed it happened! Please let go of me.' She whispered, staring up at me in fear and pain. I blinked hard and forced my hands to let go of her. She fell to the floor, tears inching down her face. 

I walked away, rubbing a hand over my face and through my hair in frustration and confusion.

Somehow, she remembered things which never happened in this dimension. Every time I saved her life and reversed her mind, another time-space dimension was created, where the thing that happened actually did happen. She shouldn't be remembering those things. I remembered what Jordan had told me, and swore. After all the commotion with Veronica and me dreaming, I'd forgotten what Light had told me.

'What are you?' I snapped at her, glaring down at her shaking body.

'Excuse me?' She sobbed, raising her reddened and blotchy face to look me in the eyes.

'Are you even human?' I spat out, glaring down at her.

'I don't know what you're talking about!' She said her eyes wide in confusion.

'How did you enter my mind earlier? How are you remembering what I erased?!?' I muttered, turning away and grabbing the bottle of whiskey, rewinding time so it was full again. I took a deep drink from it and sighed as the liquid easily slid down my throat, warming my stomach.

'What did you just say?' She whispered, her voice different from the sobbing woman I had spoken to only moments before.

'You erased my mind?' She asked, standing up and staring at me with pure fury emanating from her every pore of human skin.

'No, stupid. Only hypnotists can do that. I simply erased that part of time, so it never happened. If it wasn't for me, you would have died several times by now. Grim took a dislike to you when you met.'

'So... my dreams were real?!' She almost shouted, hysteria setting in.

'In a sense.' I muttered, taking another drink of whiskey. 

Suddenly, the bottle was snatched from my hands and thrown across the room. Whiskey trailed down the cream painted wall, and glass shattered into a million pieces and scattered out from the centre of impact. 

'Do you have ANY IDEA what I've been going through!? I thought I was going mad!' She shouted, inches away from my face.

I stared down at her. Moments ago she was sobbing on the floor in terror of me, now she was screaming at me in anger?

'I shall never understand humans.' I sighed, stepping away from her, but was stopped when she grabbed my shirt pulling at me, causing a few buttons to strain against the cotton material.

I saw her hand coming towards my face. I could have frozen it millimetres away from my skin, and watched her struggle over her inadequacy. I could have reversed time around this whole situation and treated it differently to avoid this, but I allowed her hand to touch my face. I let her take out her anger on me.

She stood before me, breathing heavily, and released my shirt from her fisted grip. She started sobbing again, and leant her head against my chest, hitting me every so often during her tears.

I caught her fists, and pushed her away from me, not showing any emotion as I lifted her easily into my arms and carried her back to my bedroom. I placed her in the bed and closed the door on her cries.

It was then that I allowed my pain to show.

I clutched at my stomach, feeling my insides writhing like live snakes. The pain progressed, and grew as it moved up my body; to my chest, then to my head. 

I had exerted myself too much in too short a time, and being around this woman seemed to make it worse.

It was getting more and more difficult for me to change back and forth from my incorporeal body to my visible body.

My breath rattled out of my chest like the engine of a banged up and scraped mini cooper that was dying slowly and painfully in the middle of a busy city street, where everything and everyone else ignored its pain.

That was me right now; the one nobody saw, nobody knew of, and nobody cared about.

I was the ultimate Unseen.

I am... nobody.

I staggered painfully across the room, holding back my groans of pain. Somehow, I knew that if she heard me cry out, she'd be upset.

Humans were sensitive like that apparently. I'd watched them enough times to know.

I fell forwards on the lounge, pulling my limp body up so I could lie down. My ribs had an invisible weight pressing down on them, reducing the space my lungs had to breath.

I gasped desperately for oxygen. In this body, I needed all the things a normal human would need. Unfortunately, oxygen was one of those things.

The pain this corporeal body felt was immense, and I tried with all my might to force myself into my ethereal form, but it was blocked off from me. I couldn't transform.

My eyesight began to blur again, and I knew what was about to happen from my earlier experience. I was going to black out.

I pushed back at the weakness, refusing to be beaten by this human phenomenon... this human weakness

Yet it was too much for this body. I felt my breathing slow, and my eyes grow weary, as though someone had attached boulders to my eyelids and were forcing them to close.

For a second time that day, I had fallen to a humans weakness.

I felt my mind floating away, and saw it waving goodbye from a small rowing boat in stormy seas, before my eyes completely shut, and then... there was nothing.

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