--I wrote Time-Less for the sci-fi competition, so this is the follow on from that. xx--

I have Dreams. Dreams which I can't explain. Dreams that feel so real, it's as if they are memories. Sometimes I feel as if I am awake, and it's happening in front of me, other times, I just dream of nothing. It's either The Dream, or just a blank. Something happened to me in reality. Something I can't remember when I have my eyes open; but when I sleep, relive it in flashes.


8. Protect

"The time is always right to do something right."

Martin Luther King Jr

I heard the human shout, and the unmistakable cackle of Veronica.

I spun to face my bedroom, and saw the Darkness clawing out from beneath the door, eating up the brightness and light in the room.

I growled deep in my throat, and ignored Jordan's voice shouting at me from the other end of the mobile phone he'd given me. I crushed it in my hand as I walked towards the room, stepping through the door and into the Darkness.

'Veronica. You go too far.' I growled from seep in my throat, clenching my fists to my side in an attempt to restrain myself.

Veronica smiled prettily down at me, and completely emerged from the ceiling, floating softly to the ground and pressing against me. I remained rigid as she stroked her hands down my chest.

'Aw, Xavier. I'm sorry, but why protect that human? She's a nobody; a bug in the system. We should eliminate her... together.' She raised her hand to stroke down my cheek, but I caught it quickly, and glared down at her. I could feel my eyes burning, and knew they were blood red before even needing to look down at Veronica's terrified face.

'You know what I said, Darkness.' I hissed, leaning down so my face was beside hers and I could whisper into her ear.

'This... human... is... mine.' My voice grew as I spoke each word, and Veronica trembled in my arms, completely petrified.

'STOP IT!' A voice shouted. I growled as my head snapped round, to see the human girl shakily standing on her feet, staring at me with fear. Gradually, I felt my eyes stop burning, and my grip on Veronicas wrist lessened. I heard her drop to the floor in a clumsy heap. The rooms light was back to normal, but I didn't pay any attention to anything except her.

'Don't you think... you've done enough?' She asked, looking down at Veronica. I followed her gaze, and saw what I had done in my blind rage.

Veronicas once deep midnight black hair was now snow white, her flawless skin was marred with wrinkles and veins. Her face was covered in garish make-up, as though an elderly woman had been making a vain and futile attempt to look younger.

Veronica sobbed, and looked up at me with wide eyes.

'I'm sorry Xavier...' She sobbed, her voice croaking and breaking; it was just as withered and aged as the rest of her.

'I only wanted... to protect you. She's slowly causing your death... I wanted to save you... I'm sorry.' She coughed up blood on to the floor. Her sleek black dress was hanging off of her limp, wasted frame.

'You deserve it, Veronica. You defied me!' I shouted down at her crying body, my anger quickly returning.

'NO ONE DESERVES THAT!' The human shouted at me. I looked up to see that tears were sliding down her cheeks, and froze. 

'You know she was going to kill you. Why should I grant her mercy? Why should she not be punished for her crime?' I said, confounded at this humans unwillingness for her would be killer to be killed... maybe she was insane.

'If you kill her, you'll be worse than her! Don't you see! Murder is still murder, whether its done in revenge or jealousy or hatred! It's... still... MURDER!' I stepped back as she shouted at me, her emerald green eyes sparking with anger and sorrow.

'Nobody deserves to die.' She whispered, her energy completely depleted.

'You want me... to give her life back?' I asked, frowning in confusion. She nodded slowly, staring straight into my eyes.

'If I do this for you, will you swear to stop running from me until I say you can?' She hesitated, and looked down at Veronica, who was wallowing on the floor staring at her skeletal hands.

She nodded, closing her eyes. I grinned at her.

'Okay then.'

I bent down to the floor and pulled Veronica to her feet.

'You are lucky this human has strange ideas, Darkness. If I find you trying to harm her ever again, next time I will not grant you mercy.' I released her, and watched as her wrinkles faded, and her hair slowly regained its colour, though streaks of silver highlighted the long lustrous tresses that fell down her back.

She stared at me with wide eyes, before turning to the human, frowning in confusion.

'I wouldn't have done what you just did. I would have let you die if it was you on the floor.' 

'I know.' The human said, smiling gently. Veronica stared at her for a few more moments, before facing me.

'Have no fear Time. I shall not harm this human. I do have some honour, believe it or not. I owe her. I hope our relationship will not be effected by this little... altercation.' She said, slinking over to me and tracing a finger across my jaw. I glared at her as she chuckled.

'I guess you need more time to think about it.' She said, before turning to the human.

'You made a promise to him, I advise you not to break it. He can kill Gods, so a human is an easy target.' She floated back out through my ceiling. I stared down at her blood which stained my carpet, and felt myself shrink under the pressure I had put on my body.

'Great, now I have to fix this before Elaine sees it.' I muttered, taking a deep breath before reversing time around the carpet. Gradually, the blood disappeared, not leaving a single stain.

'What are you people?' The human asked, staring at me in shock. I watched her as she blurred before my eyes, and I fell forwards, feeling the impact as I hit the ground.

This is very bad. I thought, before my mind went blank.

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