Wretched and Divine: Story of the Wild Ones

A fan fic kinda thing based on Black Veil Brides's album "Wretched and Divine: Story of the Wild Ones"... (THERE ISN'T ANY MUSIC THAT HAS ALL THE SONGS! THEY'VE BEEN EITHER DELETED OR WON'T MAKE A SOUND!!! Apoligies people for spelling and the album. Why not buy the album??? :D)

(Also, a friend helped me come up with the female character and what her relationships are with the guys, so... yeah... apparently I'm in a relationship with Andy Biersack... yay... ._.
Don't ask)
(Also, song lyrics will be in book lol)


2. I am Bulletproof

Andy's eyes flew open. He bolted upright, panting at the same time. He looked around his small tent, Kieva still asleep next to him. Only a dream, he thought, lying back down next to her. Kieva opened her eyes slowly, and stared at Andy, his eyes still wide with fright.

'What's wrong?' she asked, sitting up, and grabbing his hand.

'Hm, nothing. Just a stupid nightmare.'

'What happened Andy?' He sighed before sitting up, looking at her, into her brown eyes.

'Just that... well, F.E.A.R. That they found us, slaughtered us. And William... he took you. He jailed the rest of us and executed us right infront of your eyes, saving me 'til last.'

'And?' Kieva asked, 'What happened after.' Andy stared at the ground, sweat glistening on his brow.

'You couldn't do anything. I was killed... while he paralyzed you, and tortured you. Then... I don't know, I woke up after that.' Kieva wrapped her arms around Andy, holding him close.

'It's ok, I'm here. I won't let him kill you, or the others. You guys are my best friends.' Andy smiled, and kissed her forehead. Just then, Ashley stepped into the tent, and smiled.

'Alright there?' Kieva sighed, and stood up.

'I'll leave you two alone. I'm off to change. I hate wearing the same clothes I've slept in.' With that, she left, grabbing a black top and trousers from the ground and leaving.

'I thought she was tomboy.' Ashley said, shaking his head.

'She is. She just hates walking around in sandy clothes. You should know, you do that too.' Ashley frowned, then sat opposite Andy, nudging his knees with his feet.

'Look, the Wild Ones want to know whats happening with this plan to break into The City. How's this gonna work?' Andy grinned, and sat back, resting on his hands.

'Simple. We go in there at night, while Will holds that meeting. Then we announce war. Plan that simple.'

'Yeah, then what happens?'

'We leave. And we prepare.' Ashley shook his head, slowly and slightly.

'Well, it better work. If it doesn't, I'll kill you.'

'Oh yeah, thinking you can take on me?' With that Andy pushed Ashley, both of them play fighting, before a cough stopped them.

'You two done?' CC asked, walking over and slapping their heads lightly.

'Nah, unless you want to join?' Ashley said, grinning like a mad hatter. CC smiled and pushed Ashley over with his foot.

'No, I'm not a child.' He left the tent, leaving Andy and Ashley to struggle to get up.


'So, basiclly, we're commiting suicide?' Jinxx asked, raising one eyebrow in confusion.

'No, we're not. We're fighting back.' Andy said, watching, from the Leaders tent, leaning against the pole casually, arms crossed, as Rebels walked up and down the place, laughing and talking. 'We've waited long enough for this war to start.'

'Andy, no disrespect or anything, but the plan might not, well, work.' Jake said, throwing himself on a chair, and lounging.

'But it might.' CC said, 'If we do it correctly.'

'What do you mean?' Ashley asked, walking to the middle of the floor, and looking around.

'Well, if we... we...' CC stopped and thought hard.

'Make an escape route or... or... leave quickly enough.'

'Or, don't enter The City, and send a message or something?' Jinxx asked, smiling, and staring at the violin in the corner.

'Yeah, maybe.' Andy said. He left the other four, arguing about how to tell F.E.A.R about war, and started his search for Juliet, Ella, Sammi and Eva. Lots of people said hi, as he passed, and asked if they'd seen the girls. He found them by the river, just outside the camp.

'Hello girls.' He said, smiling.

'Andy, what you doing here? You're suppose to be getting a plan together.' Juliet said, teasingly. Andy grinned, and lightly punched her. He knew she had a thing for him, but he had Kieva, and also, they were only friends to him. Anything more, might get awkward, he thought as he sat between Eva and Ella.

'Have you seen Kieva this morning?' Eva asked, 'She wanted to talk to me.'

'Yeah, but she left about ten minutes ago to change. Not seen her since then.' Eva nodded, then picked up a flat stone, and started to skim it across the water. Andy sat talking to them for a few minutes, laughing and splashing them with water, before leaving, to hunt down Kieva. He wandered around the camp, asking if she'd been seen, but no-one had seen her. He finally found her by the entrance, leaning agianst one of the poles of the gate, staring out to the desert. Andy touched her shoulder lightly, sending shivers up her spine, as he pulled her close. He held her for a few moments, basking in the sun's rays. Kieva sighed, resting her head at Andy's shoulder

'Thought I'd take a walk. Bit boring listening to guys arguing.' Andy chuckled, and gripped her free hand, staring at her, as she stared into the desert.

'I agree, that's why I left.' They stood, in silence, as others, laughed and talked behind them, walking past.

'It's moments like this I enjoy most.' Andy said, brushing his lips against her cheek. 'When we can get a few moments alone, to enjoy each others company and not get bothered.'

'Just wait. Ashley might come running round the corner, telling us something apparently wonderful.' Kieva said, grinning madly. Just then, Ashley ruched round the corner, waving wildly.


'See, told you.' Kieva said, smiling.


Kieva stood, just outside the gates of The City. Well, her hologram did. Andy's hologram stood next to her. She could hear him breathing, as he grasped her hand.

'Ready?' He asked.

'As always.' She replied. They entered throught the gates, and walked, heading towards the F.E.A.R Accords hall. Shhe could feel the wind, making her black, waist lenght hair, fly behind her, Andy's right-sided hair flying too, his shaved side seemed to rustle. They were nearing the hall, when Kieva stopped.

'Come on, I'm here.' Andy said, reaching out a hand.

'It's just... I've not seen William in ten years... He'll hate me.'

'Well, he did leave us in the desert for those ten years, doing nothing to stop his father. Come on.' Kieva grabbed Andy hand, and walked throught the doors to F.E.A.R.


They got throught the doors, and hid in the shadows, until some F.E.A.R gaurds walked past, mumbling about the meeting taking place that eveing. They followed them, staying in the shadows, hiding from the danger. Then the guards stopped infront of some double doors and entered the room, closing the door behind them.

'This must be it.' Andy said. He grabbed Kieva's hand, as they walked to the door.

'Ok, after three. One... two... Three.' They pushed the doors open, and stepped forward into the room, filled with F.E.A.R members. At the head of the table, was William. Kieva gasped when she saw him. His hair had went from light brown to black, and it was shorter than she remembered. And he was tall, maybe an inch smaller than Andy, but still quite tall. And... was quite more attractive thatn what she remembered him to be.

'Well... well... well, who have we here? Ah, yes. Kieva and Andy. Never thought I'd see my fiancee after she ran away. Tell me, having fun with our new boyfriend.' Kieva gulped.

'Shut it William.' Andy growled, defending Kieva.' Have you not realised she hated you before she left?' William smiled.

'Well, Andy. I see you've finally learnt to stand up for yourself. Ten years in the wilderness certanly can change a person.' Andy growled, slowly, before growing calm and approaching William, slowly.

'I've come to tell you something.'

'Oh, what? That Kieva is returing to me after all these years?'

'In your dreams' Kieva said, glaring at him.

'No,' Andy said, handing over a note to William. 'It's about war.'


'Yes, the Wild Ones will be fighting back.' William grinned.

'I don't think you'll want to do that.' Andy grinned back, before turning back to Kieva.

'Here we go
Holding on to lies, holding onto ties that vanished
Cut the rope, and fall into the sky
The Devil filled our minds with sadness
The worlds a gun, and I've been aiming all my life,

Got something to live for, I know that I won't surrender,
A warrior of youth!
I'm taking over, a shot to the new world order
I am bulletproof!' Kieva smiled at Andy.

'Here I go!
Another prison fight
Another perfect sky I've damaged
Now I know, just who created life
And why I set my sight to save it.

The worlds a gun, and I've been aiming all my life,'

'Got something to live for, I know that I won't surrender,
A warrior of youth!
I'm taking over, a shot to the new world order
I am bulletproof!
And they take their final breath, I ask him the truth
I'm taking over, a shot to the new world order
I am bulletproof!'




I am bulletproof!'


'Got something to live for, I know that I won't surrender,

A warrior of youth!

I'm taking over, a shot to the new world order

I am bulletproof!

Got something to live for, I know that I won't surrender

A warrior of youth!

I'm taking over, a shot to the new world order

I am bulletproof!' Andy and Kieva, turned to William, grinning. William's face twisted and he yelled. Wlliam lunged for them, trying to hit them. But the holograms faded, and William hit nothing but air. He turned back to the council of F.E.A.R, and smiled.

'Ladies and Gentlemen... I believe we may have a war on our hands.'


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