Emily and Alice both love one direction and cant wait for there concert. But was it fate that Emily parked her car at the 02 car park as it got stolen during the show.?...find out what she does as this drama will catch your attention. (


3. the concert




Music began to play, and screams fill my ears. Parts of the stage began to life. Upwards. Revealing the boys them self. I could see them perfectly and they began to sing up all night. A massive smile appeared on my face, i probably looked really stupid as the boys could defiantly see me. I broke into the song and turned my head to see Alice had tears in her eyes screaming and videoing it all. She had a I phone and on the back was a customised case by Alice herself.Not forgetting the glistening sequins around the edges. Her eyes were focused on Louis Tomlinson, whilst mine were on Niall. To my surprise he was doing a little jig to the right hand side of the 02 and started waving at every one, when the other boys just sang and didn't lie on the floor! I have dreamed of this day, for my whole life but it seemed all to good to be true. Everything went out of my mid and i just sang focussing on the stage. 



i was out in a blink, i totally went into fan girl mode afterwards and Emily had to stop me because i wanted to run up on-stage. Thanks alot! It was the most amazing day of my life!


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