Emily and Alice both love one direction and cant wait for there concert. But was it fate that Emily parked her car at the 02 car park as it got stolen during the show.?...find out what she does as this drama will catch your attention. (


2. 1D store




Gosh! I didn't realize that the store was at the other side of the O2! It took me and Alice about five mins as we were speed walking. There were people ahead of us pointing at sings that said. 1D store this way, then a arrow pointing up. we followed them and finally came to a que that was luckily only like a 2 Min wait. To my surprise we were then put through a large door which had toilets on one side and a BIGGER! line. It was probably a half an hour wait but I was up for it.  

I had some one direction tattoos in my bag and I got Alice to put them on my face. That would ought to speed up the line if we were doing something. I then put some on Alice's face. She had Louis on her forehead and 1D on her cheeks. she looked wonderful and I just looked like a normal obsessed fan with some boys on my face trying to impress them. Alice had put me Niall (who I adore!) and harry who I also liked. 




we were progressing. By the time we knew it we were done! on the way were some cardboard cut outs. I got Emily to take a picture of me posing with them. Pretending that they were real and kissing each-one on the cheek. We each had a bag full of one direction items. Inducing a lament that we both had around our necks. I felt like a little kid again but this time spoilt and exited. We also both brought a program each and slipped it in the same bag. 

Going up the escalators me and Emily looked at each-other it was true that this would have to be the best day of our lives. 

step by step we headed through the doors into the arena and 5 SOS were up on stage. I'm not a big fan of them so I didn't care that I had missed half of there signing. We took our seats and put our phones in our pockets. We were ready and waiting. But.. we had to jiggle about as 5 seconds of summer were pretty good. The lights went up and soon later they dimmed. This was it.. This is what every directioner  dreamed of.. it was happening screams filled the room and there on stage stood....






sorry this is a short chapter. ill write the next one soon! love you all. Please remember to comment and like, also put on your Favorited list. Bye x

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