Sketch - A Comedy Sketch Show Script- Episode 1

Sketch show currently with these individual sketches:
Lady and the Tramp
God Complex
Foul Mouth
Sick Note
The Gangstaz
The Adventures of Granny Buggins
The Pretenders
Nerdy Neil (who’ll feature in a different sketch each week)
Each sketch will have it's own chapter so don't be put off by there being lots of chapters!!!



[There are several rough looking guys huddled round a table, preferably on small chairs or boxes that make their knees come to their ears. At the head of the table is Nerdy Neil, complete with comb-over, bow-tie and waistcoat, you get the idea. Several long handshakes and knuckle punches are exchanged]


Naz: Daz my man.


Daz: Naz my man.


Naz: What’s up my man you doin’ good.


Daz: I’m proper good I am. (They start them both talking in the similar lingo)


Neil: Attention guys! I’m pleased to see you all received my Facebook invitation. Welcome to the formation of our [he makes quotation marks with his hands] gang.


Naz: Who invited you?


Neil: I was the administrator of the group, I organised our rendezvous today and decorated the clubhouse.


Daz: Clubhouse?


Chaz: Like the Disney Clubhouse?


Neil: Not clubhouse I mean, our patch, our turf. [He continues despite the looks] Okay so first on the agenda is our name. Now I was thinking, and it’s just an idea; The Gangstaz. And here’s the thing, we could even spell it with a Z to make it more… street.


Naz: That’s as lame as your nan, man.


Neil: Just a suggestion. Anyway, moving on. Another idea of mine was that we could form a book club and debate over the key themes of a chosen novel each week.


Chaz: But I can’t read.


Neil: We could debate picture books? [Camera pans to the window and you see Neil being thrown out of the window]


Naz: The Gangstaz it is then? [He writes it on Neil’s notes and spells it with a Z] And we’ll spell it with a Z to be different.


Chaz: Is that not how it’s spelt?

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