Sketch - A Comedy Sketch Show Script- Episode 1

Sketch show currently with these individual sketches:
Lady and the Tramp
God Complex
Foul Mouth
Sick Note
The Gangstaz
The Adventures of Granny Buggins
The Pretenders
Nerdy Neil (who’ll feature in a different sketch each week)
Each sketch will have it's own chapter so don't be put off by there being lots of chapters!!!



[Aggroman reaches out of window and places ticket into car parking machine. The machine spits it out. So he tries it again, and again. Finally he presses the call button]

Helpline: Hello, this is the car park machine helpline. How may we help you?

Aggroman: I paid with credit card, I’ve put my ticket in several times and it won’t let me out]

Helpline: Have you used the ticket we the same reference as your booking reference.

Aggroman: Yes, yes I have. [He’s beginning to get annoyed]

Helpline: Okay sir, we’ll send someone down to help you now.

Aggroman: Why can’t you just let me out?

Helpline: We are sending someone down to let you out now sir.

Aggroman: I’ve paid for a service! Why can’t you check the booking reference this is ridiculous. I have three noisy, annoyed kids in the back just let me through! [Camera pans to the three children sat calmly listening to music.]

Helpline: They are on their way now.

Aggroman: [Steam comes out of his ears, he turns bright red. Gets out of the car and starts hitting the barrier but he just hurts his hands. Meanwhile one child reaches for the ticket and puts it into the machine. The barrier lifts right before Aggroman can kick it]. Oh. I’ll be making a complaint about that, stupid system. [Drives off. Man comes running as they leave and sighs]

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