The Swap

I forgot the old acount details for my last one and already posted the first chapter of this book so had to re post everything on this one. But I am the same person!

Star is normal, right? That is until she is Taken. Taken by other beings! Her memory has been messed with leaving blank spaces but when she comes back all she knows is that mysterious Justin plays a large part in saving her family and ex-boyfriend Damon!


5. Prom

                                      Chapter four

Star watched boredly as her best friend Megan modelled dozens of different prom dresses.

“So what’s up with this Justin guy then? You weren’t interested in him until you went on holiday, or wherever you went.” She says carelessly.

“He’s… sweet. I guess I’ve just got to know him!”

Star searched for an answer.

Megan dragged her up to find a dress then, pulling out flashy ball gowns in bright colours. Star shook her head at all of them.

“How about this one?” Megan held up a silvery grey floor lengthed dress. Star shaped dimante’s dotted the floaty material.

“It’s perfect!” Star breathed tracing the jewels with her fingers.

As the prom came nearer the plan took shape. Star would hand over Justin at the cliff top where he had taken her before, then everything would be forgotton and she would be able to carry on her life as normal.

Star felt nervous, she had she had grown so close to Justin in these past months. Now she had to hand him over to those monsters. What did they plan on doing to him?

Star dreaded prom night, dreaded having Justin taken away from her. Justin or Damon, Justin or Damon, coursed through her head frequently.

She knew that she loved Damon really, but these last few months her decision was uncertain because she was falling for Justin. She kept wondering if there could be a way around it, a way to keep them both safe. There wasn’t though she had to make a choice and she had chosen Damon.

The night of prom Star got ready alone in her room. She straightened her long, pale blond hair and slid in some sparkly clips, put on a layer of thick mascara and brushed on silvery eye shadow, She stepped into her beautiful dress and a pair of sparkly heels.

She made her way down the stairs gracefully where Justin was waiting at the bottom talking to her parents. Her parents had been put to sleep for her three week absence but their memories seemed to have been wiped as well as Stars.

“You look beautiful!” Justin’s mouth dropped as he saw her.

He looked handsome in a grey suit and ice blue tie. Her parents smiled proudly and insisted on taking some photo’s before Justin escorted her out.

Star and Justin talked as they danced to the slow moving song, Stars arms around his shoulders and Justin’s hands holding her waist.

“Come on, let’s get out of here I want to go to the cliff top.”

Star pulled him away gently and he followed her into the car park like an obedient and loyal puppy. Justin’s old, yellow beatle waited for them. They climbed in, Star turning up the music full volume to take her mind off the task ahead. Both unaware of the small silver car following behind them.

As they stood at the edge of the cliff Justin sighed contentedly. He turned to Star, brushing the strands of hair from her face, leaning in close.

“Justin…” Star said guiltily backing away.

But before she could finish her sentence a huge, metal rectangular shape appeared above their heads. It was the ship from Justin’s drawing.

“No Star you didn’t, please tell me you didn’t!” Justin pleaded, looking into her guilt stricken eyes.

“I’m so sorry Justin, I…”

A group of men appeared around Justin, grabbing him.

Seeing the terror in his eyes Star lunged forward pulling his arms, tears streaming down her cheeks.

A womans laugh cackled behind her, tugging Stars arms.

“You won’t get him back now Star, you’ve made your choice now! How does it feel to know the girl you loved used and manipulated you Justin?” Carabosse said, enjoying the drama.

Justin looked so hurt, so betrayed. He stopped fighting and giving up he allowed the guards to drag him up the stairs of the ship.

“What are you going to do with him?” Star sobbed.

“The same as we’re going to do to you!” Carabosse laughed cruelly, and Star knew now that these monsters planned on killing them both! Star looked at the shining silver dagger that Carabosse held in her hand, horrified.

“Don’t worry though Star, your death will be quick, not like your friends, you haven’t caused us any trouble you simply know too much!”

Thoughts of barbaric and torturous ways that they could kill Justin with ran through Stars head.

“First though you have something that I need back!”

Star gasped as Carabosse drew a deep gash in her upper right arm, pulling out a squid like metal object.

Star dropped to the ground in pain.

“Now to finish you off!” Carabosse raised the dagger as Star writhed in pain on the ground.

But Carabosse was knocked aside, a knife plunged deep into her leg and she staggered back in shock. Star was scooped into strong arms and Damon ran through the tree’s, looking back in time to see the ship vanish with Carabosse and Justin now in it.

Damon sprinted to the small, silver car, setting star down gently in the passenger seat and speeding away.

“You saved me, after everything that I did to you, you still saved me!” Star frowned as she regained consciousness.

“Star I still care about you, I always will.” Damon looked at Star. “Your hurt!” He reached out to touch the deep gash in Stars arm.

“I’m fine, it’s nothing compared to what they’re going to do to Justin. We need to go back and get him!”

“Star we can’t! Look what those vultures did to you, do you think they would have spared him?” Damon murmered.

“Stop the car Damon!” Star commanded.

“What, Star there is no point now!”

“Damon, this is all my fault, he’s going to die because of me!”

“Star this isn’t your fault, they were going to kill him any way!”

“Well I helped them, I was the one that handed him over!”

Damon sighed, as much as he disliked Justin he couldn’t let him die. He jolted to a stop and whipped the car around and sped back to the cliff top.

Star threw the door open and sprinted out but all traces of Justin and the ship had vanished.

Again tears streamed down her cheeks. This was so much more painful than the wound on her arm. Justin was probably dead by now, or perhaps on the verge of death! But this wasn’t the end, she wouldn’t give up, she would find him…

To be continued…

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