The Swap

I forgot the old acount details for my last one and already posted the first chapter of this book so had to re post everything on this one. But I am the same person!

Star is normal, right? That is until she is Taken. Taken by other beings! Her memory has been messed with leaving blank spaces but when she comes back all she knows is that mysterious Justin plays a large part in saving her family and ex-boyfriend Damon!


3. Justin


Star perched on the edge of her bed, unwinding the strip of leather holding the book closed. She had taken it while talking to Justin.

She opened the first page where a scrawled drawing was inscribed.

It was a quick sketch of what she could only make out to be a ship. She recognized it, like she had seen it before. The next page was filled with lines of scruffy handwriting. He wrote about a large ship hovering over his house, a girl who looked human but was defiantly not from this planet.

Her questions were beginning to be answered: why they wanted Justin so desperately, the importance of this book. Justin knew about their kind, they had tried to catch him but he had got away.

Star threw on a baggy hoody, black leggings and battered converse trainers. She locked the house and jumped onto the vintage, pastel coloured bike. She cycled through the winding paths into the small town. Her heart pounded as she saw the scrap of sandy coloured hair.

The other beings were brutal, what had Justin done to get away? What had he done to make them so angry? A part of Star felt scared by this mysterious boy.

He saw her then and waved her over to a small corner table for two.

Justin’s eyes ran over Star, taking in her beauty.

“Hi.” He said shyly, suddenly feeling awkward.

“Hi, how are you?” Star asked, destroying all awkwardness by wrapping her arms around Justin in a friendly hug.

The two ordered tea and coffee and talked and laughed as if they were a pair of old friends.

Stars bubbly, talkative personality brung out a whole different side of Justin.

Justin looked at those striking green eyes so different to the mellow chocolate brown that they had been. He recognized that unnatural green eyes from somewhere but couldn’t remember where from.

“Come on I want to show you something!” Justin tugged Star along the country lanes and out of town.

“Where are we going?” Star asked curiously.

“Hang on, it’s a surprise!” Justin teased.

He led her through a small wooden gate, roses entwining themselves around it. The walked across long, untamed grass to the edge of the cliff top. The pair sat down dangerously close to the edge. Justin dangling his legs down. Star looked up at what Justin was showing her… it was beautiful! The sky was a velvet midnight blue, diamond jewels scattered across it.

“Stars are so beautiful!” Star said, looking at the sparkling dots blinking back at them.

“Yeah, I know they are!” Justin said looking at the Star sat next to him rather than the ones hanging in the sky.

Star looked into Justin’s ocean coloured gaze, forgetting for a moment the real reason for going out with him.  He leaned in lips brushing hers gently in a soft kiss. He pulled away both were smiling happily.

The weekend, like most flies by and school arrives fast. Instead of walking to school on a Monday morning alone Justin met Star and they walked together.

Star chatted to him carelessly because all her worries and troubles seemed to go away when she talked to Justin.

The two walked in through the towering school gates, turning heads as Star slipped her hand into Justin’s. Star enjoyed the warmth and protection of Justin’s larger hand around hers. She felt right, stood in place next to Justin that was until she saw the pained dark eyes staring from a distance.

She dropped Justin’s hand guiltily trying not to meet Damon’s eyes. She wished she could explain to him, that the only reason she was doing all of this was to protect him, but she couldn’t.

Damon watched as Justin wrapped long arms around Star who smiled happily. His heart broke as he watched them slink off to class together, hands entwined. At the last minute she turned and their eyes met. Damon’s dark, almost black eyes were full of sorrow, longing and Stars unnerving green eyes are filled with remorse, guilt.

Justin looked down at Stars stony face.

“Are you ok? You look upset!” He asked, concerned.

Star plastered on a smile to cover up.

“Yep of course!” She said a little to chirpily and giving him a peck on the cheek to make her act more realistic.

The couple parted as they approached Stars art class, and Justin left for science.

Star loved art, she loved the way she could express herself by smearing paint across a blank canvas.

“Today class I just want you to paint whatever comes into your mind, it can be totally random, just paint what are you thinking about!” The art teacher addresses the class.

She didn’t  really think about what she was doing. She almost felt like she was  in some kind of trance, she is just splashing paint across the blank white sheet. She doesn’t  even realise what she has painted until she sets her  brush down. A breath catches in her throat and tears prickle her eyes. She stared in shock at the watery face looking back at her. Pale almost translucent skin, a shadow of ash coloured hair falls across her scared looking face, her blood red lips are parted in surprise and her eyes… her eyes are the same colour as Stars, the startling bright green.

Star felt like she knew her, maybe she did. There were still large holes in her memory, gaps in her mind.

The trilling bell startled her, bringing her back to reality.

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